How to solve your problems

While some life problems are hard to fix still there is an approach that most people who manage to get out of life problems always follow and thus if you used that same approach your ability to solve that problem will become much higher.
Here is what you need to do in order to solve any life problem
1) Take immediate action: when faced with a new challenge most people take a lot of time before they respond back. Some people even keep procrastinating and never respond back until its too late.

when you don’t take immediate actions or when you stay a bit more in your comfort zone you will only end up with more bad feelings and a bigger unsolved problem.

The best way to solve a life problem is to respond immediately right after it happens.
2) Try different solutions: Many people respond quickly to life problems but give up after trying a solution or two. Life problems are usually not simple and solving them requires using a trial and error approach. You need to try to fix the problem using the first solution that comes to your mind and if it didn’t work you then need to think about a different solution and implement it.

Each time a solution fails you need to make sure that you learned why it failed so that you can avoid such a mistake later on. By time you will find that you have reached the right solution that can help you solve the problem.
3) Educate yourself : Some people reach as far as step 2 but never manage to solve their live problems. They keep trying and trying but their methods never work and the reason this happens is that they don’t educate themselves well.

You will never have all the knowledge needed to solve al the life problems you encounter and as a result you must understand that educating yourself is an essential step in solving many of the life problems you come across.

Here is a very simple example that illustrates this concept. If you got an error message from your PC that you never saw before then you can Google that error message to understand it in a better way. Of course life problems are not that simple but this is just an illustration that explains how some life problems can’t be solved without certain additional knowledge.
4) Persist: I am not saying that life is simple or that all problems can be solved in days or even weeks. Some life problems require months before they can be solved, some require long term plans that can years.

The good news is that as soon as your mind discovers that you are working on a solution that might work it wont let you feel bad about the problem the way you have felt if you were not taking any actions. In short planning and doing your best to solve the problem will certainly help you feel better before you even solve the problem