How to Solve Problem in Crisis

Solving a problem in a crisis is a little bit difficult for some person. Following are the some problem which is not easy to solve.

• You see your best friend at work take some money in lieu of work.
• Your boss asks you to finish some important work at the end of the day, but your son needs to be picked up from school.
• You do not have enough money to buy medicines for your wife.
• Somebody at work borrowed few bucks from you and has not paid you back

These conditions are crisis for you but for some people it is not a crisis.
Ask for another example of what the students think crisis. With the help of the students, discuss why it is hard to make decisions during crisis. To start with, choices that needs to be made tend to be harder to make. This might be why a person is in crisis. They have put off creation a tough decision or solving a problem until it was an urgent situation. One example is not deciding to go to see the doctor for minor fever and cough until the fever and cough are unbearable. Another problem with making decisions in a disaster is people tend to be emotional; making decisions during a disaster is that they often want to be made in rush. This leaves not as much of time to develop possible solutions. Discuss other factors that the students add. Review some important strategies for crisis management.

Be Prepared for bad days, a person can’t be prepared for all the things. However, some of these suggestions should assist. Collect some money in your saving account to prepare for the possibility of losing a job or making an emergency purchase. Keep some reserve money at home for an emergency. Keep a spare tire, jumper cables, and other important equipment in your car. Keep your home secure with the alarms, locks on cabinets where poisons and drugs are and a phone list with emergency numbers. If a crisis does develop, try to stay as cool as possible. Keeping a cool brain will increase the likelihood that you will make great decisions. Take as much time as possible to make a right decision. Even if you are under a time crunch, it may be better to make the right decision later on. It will prevent you to make a wrong decision. Get assistance with your neighbors and friends.

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