How to Sell Your Cleaning Services With a Marketing Kit

Handing prospective clients a tri-fold brochure is one of the traditional ways cleaning businesses get information out about what they do. Even though a brochure is a convenient marketing piece and might be a good way to first approach new clients, a complete marketing kit is a much better way to let your clients know who you are, what you do and what you have to offer. And it’s likely that your marketing kit will make you stand out from your competitors.

A marketing kit takes a little time, but it does not have to be expensive. You can develop professional looking pieces on your computer and print them out on a good quality paper. Your cleaning company’s marketing kit should include 6 to 8 educational pieces to give prospective clients in-depth information about your business.

Following are the key items that should be included in your marketing kit:

1. Pocket folder. You can purchase these at most office supply stores and there are styles that allow you to slide a business card on the front of an inside pocket. If you want to invest a little more in your marketing kit, you can also order pre-printed presentation folders with your company name and logo from a local printer or on-line.

2. General marketing page. This will include basic information about your cleaning company. This page should include your company’s name, address, phone numbers, fax number, website and names of owners and key employees or supervisors. Also, be sure to include your company logo and tagline if you have one.

3. Services page. This can be broken down into your routine or daily cleaning services and the special services that you offer (carpet cleaning, window washing, etc.).

Does your cleaning company supply trash can liners, paper products, air fresheners, soap? Be sure to include these items at the end of your services page. Let your potential customers know they can save time by letting you order and restock supplies.

4. What makes your cleaning company great! Let potential cleaning customers know why they should hire your company. List three or four things that your cleaning company does that gives you a competitive edge.

5. Testimonials from satisfied customers. Get letters of recommendation or testimonials from current clients. You can title this page “Testimonials” or “See what our clients have to say about our cleaning services.” If you don’t have any letters of recommendation, then list your short, two to five sentence testimonials on one page.

6. Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ). Think of the routine questions that you get from prospective customers – how do you handle keys, who is responsible for supplying cleaning chemicals, how long will it take you to clean a building, what happens if the regular scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday, etc. Include this on a one page sheet in an easy-to-read format.

7. Company background or an about us page. Let your potential cleaning customers know how you got into this field, associations you belong to, education or training programs you’ve participated in, and certifications. Include the background of key employees or supervisors that your clients might also be dealing with on a regular basis.

8. Our clients page, or who are our customers page. This is not necessarily a list of your current customers, but a list of the type of facilities that you clean and a short description of the services you offer these facilities.

Once your kit is together don’t send it out to every prospective client. As you are presenting bids or if you come across a potential account, or get a referral, give them your marketing kit. Not everyone will read each piece of information in the kit, but the marketing kit gives you the opportunity to showcase your talents. Let people know that you are not only good at cleaning, but that you take your business seriously by developing a professional looking marketing kit. A few pieces of paper might just give your cleaning company an edge when that next big account is looking for service!

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