“How To Sell When They Are Not Ready To Buy”

Most ads appeal to the person who is ready to buy now. But did you know that there are stages of buying? Yup.
Roughly, they are;

1) Dreaming
2) Exploring
3) Planning
4) Selection
5) Owning

Let’s say you are thinking of buying new furniture.

Dreaming…is the first step. You notice other people’s new furniture. You notice furniture ads. You think of reasons that you need new furniture.

Exploring…means putting together options. Should we buy all new? What look do we like?

Planning…means you have decide to buy now. When will you buy? At what store? How will you pay?

Selection is the final process. Just picking out what you want.

Amazingly, everything except “Dreaming” can be done in a single store visit.

But what about the people that are at stages 1-3 when they see your ad? What can you do to attract them?

Two ideas. In your ad you should have a Consumer Help-line. We talked about that earlier. You can also put your website address in your ad. Now the consumer has two ways to get more information without being scared away by a salesperson.
There is a third way. Have a “Special Report” that the consumer can download from your website that sells your Offer.

A CD of your entire product presentation (or Help-line script) can be reproduced for about 50 cents a copy, in quantity. A DVD can be copied for about $1.50 each in quantity. If you can explain your offer, a CD is fine. A visual demonstration will take a DVD.
Offer the Cd or DVD for FREE in your ad.

“Stop in to get your free CD on the 5 best ways to get rid of flees”.

“Call for your FREE Cd on The 5 Most Critical Features To Look For In Your Next ___”

Get it?

It’s better if you can get them to come in to pick up the CD. Why? Because they are in your store. Now, you can give them the entire CD in person…and they can buy right then if they wish. Neat, eh?