How to Sell a Houseboat

Selling a Houseboat

Whenever you have decided you either need to purchase a new houseboat or your passion for boating is dwindling, you will need to know what to do in order to sell your houseboat for the highest price possible. Try to place yourself in the buyer’s shoe, so you can understand what questions or concerns they may have. Here are some tips so you can get the most out of your houseboat.

Always be honest with your buyer. Nothing is worse than being scammed or even conned into a deal or contract with false information. Let the buyer know any problems with the boat because he will appreciate your honesty. Be upfront with any repairs that he may need to get before taking it out for a sail. Since you are dealing with potentially tens of thousands of dollar, make the buyer feel that he can trust you. This will help you while you negotiate a price.

Clean everything out in your houseboat. All linens and blankets should be cleaned before allowing to view the houseboat. Also clean all floors, carpets, windows and any other surface to make sure there is no dust or grime. If the inside of your houseboat feels and smells clean this will impress your buyer. Make sure you give your houseboat a clean on the outside. Most buyers make up their minds in the first minute of seeing the outside of your boat. If the outside of your boat is showing some wear, try and touch up any spots that are eye sores. You could even put a fresh coat of paint if it is in dire need of it. Try to make the outside of your boat look like new because this will be the first thing your buyer will see.

Have all mechanical pieces looked at by a professional or someone you know who is an expert at houseboats. Your buyer will be checking for any rust or weak spots that could cause trouble in the future. Allow the buyer to hire a surveyor to take a look at your boat. This will make the buyer feel like he is in control.

Whenever the buyer decides he wants to negotiate with you on a price, write down everything that is included in the boat. You may have a space heater or anchor in the houseboat that he thinks is include in your price, but you plan on taking it out before you sell. Make sure all these small details are worked out.

If you follow these few tips, your houseboat will sell rather quickly and you can then purchase a brand new houseboat of your dreams.