How to Self Publish a Book, 10 Little Known Money Saving Secrets

Self publishing tasks and marketing tools can quickly add up, costing you more money than you originally planned. Here are ten tips to save money self publishing your book

  1. Hire a student or a virtual assistant to edit and format your book. Professional editors cost a lot of money but they play a vital role in the process of making your book great. College students and stay at home parents can be a significant resource if you are on a budget
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  3. Even better, ask a detailed family member or friend to go through your book word by word for errors. A second or third pair of eyes is always good book writing business
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  5. Hire a student to design your book’s cover or contribute to the graphics inside. You can also hire students to design your website – you will be amazed what they can do!
  6. E-publish your book for the most cost effective means of production and delivery.
  7. If you absolutely must print, print your book in small quantities to keep your inventory low. You will save money on printing and storage.
  8. Typeset your book yourself. Printers will charge you hundreds of dollars to typeset your book, why pay that money when you can do it yourself? Simply ask them what format it needs to be delivered in, example PDF, and then create the typeset copy.
  9. Keep your book fulfillment in-house, do it yourself. You will save money in shipping costs and postage and you will make sure that people receive undamaged copies of your books!
  10. Book promotion can be expensive. Cut costs by partnering with other relevant websites to promote your book in exchange for promoting theirs. This kind of trade works well for books that compliment each other. For example a book about how to raise healthy children might partner well with a recipe book for child friendly foods.
  11. Use free online promotion tools like email, article posting, and press release distribution.
  12. Take advantage of open source software products to create your book. Online you can find free software products that range from word processing programs to programs that will capture images or photos on your computer. Open source software can save you literally thousands of dollars in book production expenses.