How To Secretly Hypnotize Anyone Instantly

How To Secretly Hypnotize Anyone Instantly

Some methods that produce immediate hypnosis are called as Instant.
And to produce this immediate or instant hypnosis we have two techniques
and these techniques appropriately are called as instant induction techniques.

1. The first technique is based on post hypnotic suggestions. The subject
when enters the deep hypnosis is given a signal which is an indication for him
to go into hypnosis immediately.

This signal can be anything. A simple word, a touch on a particular place of body
or even snap of fingers. But this should be agreed upon between
the hypnotist and his subject (the person being hypnotized). The instruction
or signal has to be given in a precise manner for the subject to carry it immediately.

This indication in form of a signal becomes permanent after a few repetitions.

2. The first one was inducing instant hypnosis after being hypnotized. Now in the
second method, even without being hypnotized previously.

For this method to work, the person being hypnotized instantly has to believe
that something usual is going to happen. After that, a sudden instruction of snap
of fingers will make the person go into hypnosis.

The handclasp exercise good example for this. The subject is told to clasp his hands
and that at the count of three he cannot free his hands. An instruction ‘sleep’ at the
time when the subject is trying to free his hands takes his into hypnosis.

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The very fact that he is trying but unable to free hands is an indication
that he is almost in a hypnotic state.

All the techniques of speed hypnosis, instant hypnosis or rapid techniques
are based on the same principle that the subject should feel that something
unusual is going to happen. A command to go into hypnosis does the rest.

Indirect or Disguised Technique

It simply means the approach is made in such a way that the person is
guided into hypnosis without making him aware that the condition he is
in right now is hypnosis.

This indirect method of hypnosis depends on the subject misconception
of hypnosis. The average person’s knowledge of hypnosis is that he has
to be unconsciousness or asleep to be in a hypnotic state. Since
unconsciousness and sleep has nothing to do with hypnosis, a person
can be guided into hypnosis without he being aware of it.

In indirect or disguised technique the words hypnosis, sleep or relax are not used.
The best technique used in indirect hypnosis is progressive relaxation.

Waking Hypnosis

Two ways to waking hypnosis

The first method is with post hypnotic suggestion. It means when the
person is hypnotized and in a hypnotic stage he is told when he awakens,
although he is wide awake in every respect, he will do exactly what is told.
When the hypnotist wakes the person he hypnotized and give simple
suggestions which are within the scope of his level of hypnosis. For example
when you tell him to raise his foot from the floor he cannot do it. You tell him
he cannot separate his hands he cannot. This is waking hypnosis.

The second way is by extending the suggestibility tests. You can start this
with simpler techniques like arm rising and falling test. And when this works
you can do falling backward test and then later hands clasp test.

When a person is not able to separate hands in waking state it mean
he is actually in waking hypnosis.

The important thing is the ability to accept or not accept suggestions
depends upon thoughts, beliefs of the person being hypnotized. The mind
is capable of doing many different things, but the person being hypnotized
has to keep his mind exclusively focused on one main thing.

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