How to Role Play the Six Thinking Hats Effectively?

Six Thinking Hats is what you call a simple yet effective method of parallel thinking. It is popularized by Edward de Bono and is developed to get people focused and productive. Some people even regard it as efficient tools to cultivate one’s way of thinking.

The success of the Six Thinking Hats method basically lies on how it is role played or applied by the members or participants. It is important that when you utilize this method, you know how to split thinking into six functions or roles. Every role is categorized by using a colored symbol or figure, which is the thinking hat. In role playing this method, you will be mentally wearing hats and switch them with other members. By this means, you can concentrate or readdress your thoughts, dialogue, or meeting without difficulty.

In essence, the Six Thinking Hats refer to the following colored symbols:

1. White Hat – requires information that is recognized or required.

2. Yellow Hat – is a symbol of hopefulness and brilliance. When you wear this hat, you are able to find out the good sides and search for worth and profit.

3. Black Hat – this stands for judgment. Wearing this hat means you seeing the problems and risks why something does not work out well.

4. Red Hat – indicates emotions, gut feelings and instinct. When you wear this hat, you are able to convey your emotions and feelings and communicate your likes and dislikes, interests and fears.

5. Green Hat – stands for creativity. Wearing this hat means a great opportunity to convey fresh concept, new insights and innovative ideas.

6. Blue Hat – this is the hat you wear if you want to manage the thinking process. It is the control system that checks if the guiding principles of Six Thinking Hats are observed properly.

How to Role Play?

Six Thinking Hats approach can be effectively role play by utilizing your skills and abilities to think. The concept is intended for enhancing your thinking ability. If utilized as a tool in meeting management, this method can be a great way to teach people on how to become more focused of what they are doing. But, the best thing about it is the fact that it persuades each person to view all the angles of a certain issue first before to prevent debates or disputes.

You must know that the Six Thinking Hats require every individual or group to role-play at a given time and in one direction. Each person needs to put on a different hat and switch with others to all at the same time. This way everyone normally concentrates on argument is encouraged to wear the green hats that provide creative and inventive solutions.

Hence, the success of learning the Six Thinking Hats lies on the person’s willingness to participate in this endeavor. It lets everyone see how this process of thinking can lessen the incidence of debates and disputes by letting the members see all the positives of a particular situation or incident.