How to Rid Yourself of a Cold and Strengthen Your Immune System

Growing up it seemed that no matter what was wrong with my brother and I, my mom always had something with a nasty taste or smell that would heal any cuts and scrapes and I swear if I came home with plague she would have made some kind of bubbling potion that would cure it.

Vitamin C
The first thing someone will tell you to do when you have a cold is drink plenty of hot tea with lemon. This is because lemon contains vitamin C. when taken in times of health it can help keep your immune system strong so the body can fight off the germs that cause a cold, but once you have a cold it also help shorten the duration f the cold and helps relieve the symptoms of the cold as well.

Back in the day my mom would give my brother and I garlic soup. The soup has antiseptic properties, the oil in the soup help open the repertory system and it helps reduce fever in the body, and by adding some onion juice to the soup you can help flush unwanted toxins from the body, but be prepared because you will sweat them out.

Reduce a Fever:
It is not uncommon for someone with a cold to have a fever. A good way to reduce the fever is with Ginger. When cut up and boiled in water ginger has been found to lower a fever in a matter of hours. A less bitter way is to put a small piece of ginger into a glass then pour boiling water in the glass, after letting it sit for 2 or 3 minutes put a tea bag in the glass and add some sugar. This method is less effective but tastes much better.

Many moms go by the old adage feed a fever starve a cold, and this is still good advice today. When the patient has a fever it is best to just give them water, fruit and vegetable juices mixed with some water. A fever can make the body sweat and burn off much energy and without plenty of fluids your body will start to dehydrate, which can prolong and worsen the problem.

Whenever I had a stuffy nose my mom would always make us a Tamarind and pepper soup. This would immediately make my nose flow a river and my eyes tear out of control. The hot peppers open the nasal passages and cause everything to flow out.

Bitter Gourd Root Paste:
This is not one of my mom remedies so I have never tried it but I have been told from people that it really does work. This remedy does not cure the symptoms of the cold it goes after the cold itself. Take a teaspoon of the paste and a teaspoon of honey. If taken for a month it will rid the body of the cold germs and help strengthen your immune system.

End All Cure All:
This really is the best home remedy I have ever seen. Turmeric not only gets rid of the cold in a few days, it also knocks out all the symptoms like sore throat, runny nose and congestion. Turmeric can be bought as a powder, put half a teaspoon of Turmeric in a sauce pan with a cup of milk and bring it to a boil on a low flame. When the milk begins to boil take some good strong sniffs of the steam your nose will almost instantly begin to open up, and after drinking the concoction you will star to feel better. Drink 2 cups a day for 3 days and you will be back on your feet in no time.

These are just a small example of all the home remedies that are out there. I have personally tried several of these methods, and can vouch for their effectiveness.