How To Rid Tummy Fat Using Your Mindset

All to often when we are trying to lose weight or attain the weight that makes us feel physically, emotionally and mentally comfortable we focus on the latest diet and training.

Do not get me wrong here, reaching that all important weight loss goal includes a multitude of factors that contribute to a weight loss management program. Too often our mindset is over looked when we ask ourselves the question of how to rid tummy fat.


When a hundred meter sprinter lines up at the start of the Olympic final not only do they need to be the fastest physically but also mentally? When they are fixed and concentrated on that finish line they only see themselves crossing the line first.

Weight loss is not a sprint. Sure you can lose fat from stomach areas, but to achieve a healthier, fitter, better looking you takes time and you need a weight loss management program. You need to train your mind set for a long-term goal. Focusing on a point in time when you want to accomplish your weight loss achievements.

You do not just wake up in the morning with the correct mindset. It takes a little time to train yourself to override your subconscious mind and the stereotypes at the back of it. For example, telling you that “you have tried a weight loss diet before and it did not work”.

It is important to set yourself intermittent goals along the route to the ultimate goal so that you do not lose focus and enthusiasm. The correct mindset will give us commitment to lose fat from stomach areas and all the motivation we need.

I set myself the goal of losing 12 pounds over 4 months. That was my ultimate goal. My intermediate goals were to lose 3 pounds each month but to spread the means of reaching each goal around food intake, fitness, sports and de-stressing techniques. Sports and fitness did not mean running a marathon every other day but included some nice brisk walks.

If my mindset was to achieve these goals the more I concentrated on where I wanted to get the more I found I got there. It was no longer a point of how to rid tummy fat but when.

It was also a lot more fun, exciting and easier for my body and soul to follow my mind when I knew that I would not have to just concentrate on cutting out certain foods to achieve my goal but with a mixed weight loss management program involving fitness etc.

Aim high and reach for the weight loss goals you want to achieve.

If you follow these tips for losing weight, you are sure to learn how to rid tummy fat, without having to go on the latest fad diet and you will soon be back on track to being healthy and happy! Whatever you do, it is important to remember you can be successful and you will lose weight without starving yourself!