How to Rid Tummy Fat – A Weight Loss Mindset – Free Lose Weight Tips

Achieving any goal requires the correct mindset. In weight loss it is often over looked.

We look in the mirror and do not like what we see, “think how to rid tummy fat” and then we usually consider padlocking the fridge or setting up camp in the local gym or sports centre. A lot of us miss the first port of call, the engine room that drives our ship across the rough ocean to weight loss island, OUR MINDS!

This is one of the free lose weight tips that brings success, no pills or fads, just good focused mindset. Achieving the correct mindset does not arrive in the post the day after you order it, but the good news is that it is not hard to start to think the right way!


If knowing how to rid tummy fat is your main weight loss goal? then write it down. Do not just write it on a scrap of paper and hide it where nobody else sees it. What you will end up doing is when you are near achieving your goal is to make it yours and the notes, little secret. Make yourself accountable; post the goal around the house and tell people about it.


Free lose weight tips are great but if you do not use them to achieve your goals then you are wasting your time.
So you need to be specific with your goals. How much do YOU want to lose, and by when? How and what will YOU do when you have reached the goal. E.g. I am going to lose 12 pounds in four months by changing my eating patterns and I am going to walk for 30 minutes a day.And when I reach the goal I am going to take my family out for dinner wearing my favourite nice red top I used to be able to wear.


Great: YOU HAVE A GOAL, but if YOU are going to reach it then you need to break it up into achievable sections.
When Edmund Hilary climbed Everest he did not stand at base camp and think “right chaps I have got the sandwiches” and then charge off for the summit. This major accomplishment was split into numerous stages, with smaller goals of reaching camp one, then camp two and so on until reaching the summit. Break your goal into something like first month I will lose 3 pounds, 2nd month 3 pounds, and so on. Set dates for each mini goal and most importantly give YOURSELF a reward when you achieve each mini goal.


Ok so you are not climbing Everest but you need to focus on how to rid tummy fat. One thing you must have in common with Sir Edmund is that with planning, commitment, devotion and most importantly the correct mindset YOU will reach your summit.

If you follow these tips for losing weight, you are sure to notice that YOU will achieve some weight loss without having to go on the latest fad diet, and you will soon be back on track to being healthy and happy! Whatever you do, it is important to remember you can be successful and you will lose weight without starving yourself!