How to Rid Tummy Fat – A Guide to Losing Belly Fat


If you do not want to be a slave to the latest fad diet then these tips will help you to rid tummy fat.

If your main focus is to lose body fat all over. A good guide is to focus on losing weight/fat from your entire body rather than concentrating on specific areas. These are the lose weight tips, I found success with:

Exercise : How To Rid Tummy Fat

1. I found an important part of excising for loosing belly fat is to make sure that your exercise is for your whole body and that your rotate the exercise pattern to keep your routines fresh. This way your body and motivation do not tire of the same routine.

Keep a weight loss exercise calender detailing what exercise you did when you did it and for how long. I found it really helped to rid tummy fat if I commented on how I felt after the exercise. When you notice you are getting bored or finding your routine easy then it is time to mix things up.

2. If your weight loss program involves swimming every day for 45 minutes then try alternating this to include some time on the treadmill or exercise bike. This way you are alternating the different muscle sets and keeping your body on its toes helping you to keep loosing belly fat.

3. Monitor the intensity of your training. Intense workouts at a higher heart rate mean that rather than focusing on burning fat your workout has become more cardiovascular.

Fat burning zones differ with age and general level of fitness. What I did was ask a member of staff at my health club to help me with my fat burning zone. I recommend you do the same or ask at your local sports centre if you do not belong to a health club/gym.

4. As well as aerobic exercise a great way how to rid tummy fat is to include some entire body workouts such as a basic weigh lifting program. I did not want to look like a female version of Arnie, but using some very light weights during step exercises really helped. Building a level of muscle will help to increase your metabolism, which in turn helps to burn fat.

5. OK, so we are talking about loosing belly fat and our goal of how to rid tummy fat so lets talk about stomach exercises.

The basic sit up exercise although effective can be boring, repetitive and strenuous on the lower back. I like to vary my stomach regime by including stretches, a Swiss ball and abs trainer. I used to go mad up and down but I found with this great lose weight tip that more success came when I worked slower, more targeted on the crunch of my tummy and with least overall body movement. Remember that with stomach exercises specifically you are trying to target the stomach and not your entire body. This simple tip will help to tone up your body as part of your weight loss program.

If you follow these lose weight tips, you are sure to learn how to rid tummy fat, without having to go on the latest fad diet and you will soon be back on track to being healthy and happy! Whatever you do, it is important to remember you can be successful and you will lose weight without starving yourself!