How to Return the Engagement Ring

How to Take Back the Engagement Ring

Naturally, when you purchase an engagement ring, you invest in it with the intent of having is received by a lady that you will spend the rest of your life with. No one anticipates rejection (or at least wants it) and no one wants to face the prospect of potentially having to return the engagement ring from whence it came. However, as sad fact is that sometimes, engagement rings must be returned.

There are two main reasons why an engagement ring is returned to the store. The first reason is that the bride-to-be did not like the style or the ring simply did not suit (not a big deal). The second reason is that the bride-not-to-be has said no to the proposal of marriage. If you fall into the first category, then the first set of tips is for you. For gentlemen in the second category, skip to the end.

If you are simply returning or exchanging the engagement ring, then congratulations – you have made an investment into your shared future and a sure to have many years of joy and happiness. Now go find that ring that suits you best. Even if she does not like the ring or if does not suit her, at least you took the risk to make the investment into your life together. Just a few more shopping trips and your desire will be crystallized in diamond form.

If, however, she has turned down your proposal of marriage, then you should know it’s time for you to turn that frown around, get out of bed and head down to the store. The bright side of this scenario is that you will get several thousand dollars back into your bank account right away based on your rejection. That’s either a long trip around the world or a boat!

One of the most disappointing things you will go through is to walk back into that jewelry store where you bought the ring. The store clerk may be expecting you, but more often than not, you will surprise him as much as she surprised you. Feel free to make up a story about how the time was not right or how you got cold feet, but at the end of the day, the store clerk may still wonder how you summoned the courage to return after such blatant rejection.

Some men close their eyes as they slide the ring back across the table. Others wince. Still some men want one last look at what would have been their future before they sign the return slip and leave with their pockets full of change. Your last few moments with the ring are entirely up to you. Be strong – at the end of the rainbow, there’s a pile of cash with your name on it.