How to retain nanny?

Once you find out a great nanny to look for your child it is significant to think about how to retain them for a longer period. Here are some simple and useful tips to retain your nanny for longer time as long as your children need them.


Take a company approach in the process hiring of nanny. Set up an agreement of service either officially in writing or orally through open conversation. This must comprise salary, advantages, working hours, major duties and everyday jobs, illness and holiday entitlements, notice time and penal issues. If the agreement is in letters it must be signed by you and the other party.


Set models by conforming your house is in sequence and the method you might like to view it on your revisit home. Take good time to lope through the commands of the family, children’s community activities and any particular nutritional or medical needs. Make understandable your views on regulation and the daily routine, which you wish to be going after. Detail this in script if you desire so that the nanny or housekeeper has a print for future orientation.

If probable relieve the nanny into her fresh surroundings and attempt to work from home maybe for some days as your kids and nanny get along to the custom and one another. Take a most important role in the first stage and then slowly work to watching and then remove and allow the nanny obtain with her own job.


Usually the reason for nannies leaving a job is bad communication so take great time at the start and the finish of every day to talk about the children. If this may not be possible bring in a log system that permits the nanny to document the proceedings of each day, note schedule, serving of food, social excursions, sleeping time and other medications.

Establish a weekly review at least, a casual talk that permits both parties to give and receive feedback. Give optimistic feedback and admire job done by him/her; on the other hand if you are discontented in at any rate with the nannies presentation talk about that without delay. Consider carrying out an assessment every six months as a conservatory of your daily review to chat about total performance.

Salary, Terms and Conditions

Know your responsibilities as a boss with regard to the paid salary, superannuation and other insurance policy and take a look at longer term advantages to build the job as good-looking and pleasing as possible. Benefits you might desire to deem comprise:

* Good living wage quarters (if appropriate) supply decent furnishings TV, CD, Video, and also Mobile Phone.
* Usage of car may be
* Special late starts and soon finishes
* Cash plus
* Night outing, Movie Tickets, treating Package, Weekend away

If your nanny/housekeeper is a trust and appreciated employee you desire to retain then these enticements could go along way in civilizing staff retention.