How To Replace Your Belief System

Many years ago, I heard the statement, “Replace every negative thought with two or three positive thoughts.” That is good, solid advice. Negative thoughts produce negative results. Positive thoughts produce positive results.

Let’s look at this a little further as it relates to our belief systems. If someone consistently thinks of himself as a failure, then he is consistently building a failure belief system. The degree to which that belief system is reinforced will be consistently evidenced in his life.

No matter how hard he tries, and no matter how much he dislikes being a failure, he will continue to be a failure. All the negative thoughts of failure have finally shaped his failure belief system. He cannot just turn it off, because it is a set belief system. But the good news is, he can change it if he chooses to.

We were not born with our belief systems in place. We put them there. And if we put them there, we can change them. They weren’t established in two seconds, so it may take some time to replace them. How much time? It depends on how deep the belief system really is, and, how much effort we choose to exert.

All of our belief systems were built by thoughts, so, replacing an old belief system and building a new belief system will also require building thoughts.

For example, people who are poor stay poor because they have a poverty belief system. The things that they talk about reflect a poverty mentality directly in line with their poverty belief system. They may not want to be poor. They would probably never refuse money. But until they build a new belief system, in that category of life, they will remain poor. This is the reason that so many lottery winners end up broke.

Someone once said that if you took all the money in the world and divided it up equally among all the people, it would eventually end up right back where it is today. Why? A poverty mind will attract poverty and a wealthy mind will attract wealth.

So, if there is a belief system in your life that you do not want, you can decide to change it. You do that by thinking one thought at a time, consistently, over and over. The big key is to replace any and all negative thoughts related to the old belief system with the new positive thoughts.

In addition to your thoughts, take note of what comes out of your mouth. What you say is a good indication of your belief system. Have you ever noticed what people with a poverty belief system talk about? They talk about lack, time and time and time again.

So take note of what’s coming out of your mouth. For example, replace phrases like, “I can’t” with, “I will.” “It won’t ever happen”, with, “It is going to happen.” “Nothing ever goes right for me”, with, “Everything is going to start going right for me.” Get the point? And trust me; it will seem really awkward when you first begin this process. Do you know why? These new positive thoughts are colliding head on with your current belief system, which in turn is yelling back, “Oh, no way. That’s not how it is.”

Just stay aggressive with your new positive thoughts. Say them to yourself silently, and say them to yourself out loud. Write them down and read them often. Keep bombarding your mind with the new positive thoughts, stating your new life direction.

Stay consistent and you will replace your belief system.

God designed our minds to have belief systems. He also gave us free will, to decide and to choose those belief systems.

Replace your unwanted belief system with a new one by replacing the thoughts in your mind and you will build a new positive belief system.