How To Remove Marks From Wood

Even in the most careful of environments, accidents to furniture can happen. Don’t despair, there are ways to help repair the damage and avoid a costly replacement.

Prevention is always better than cure. Although there are many commercial furniture spray cleaners, it always a good idea once a month to add extra protection to your wood by applying a 100% Beeswax product. Ensure when this is applied it is thoroughly polished into the wood leaving no residue.

Grease – Remove grease at soon as possible using a paper towel, id left untreated for any time, it will leave a permanent dark mark. Wipe over the area with a soft cloth that has been dipped in a solution of equal parts vinegar and water.

Alcohol Stains

Blot up spill immediately and rub the area with Brasso (metal polishing fluid). Then polish along the grain with a soft cloth.

Water Marks

Mop up as soon as possible as water will cause unvarnished or un waxed wood to swell. Allow surface to dry, then rub as for Alcohol Stains, with a metal polish, making sure you rub along the grain of the wood.

Heat Marks

To prevent heat marks use table mats to protect the wood. However, if damage does occur, rub metal polish along the grain or apply a paste of vegetable oil and salt. Leave for a couple of hours and polish.

Slight Burns

On veneered you may need to cut out the damage and insert a new piece, due to the thinness of the veneer. For solid wood proceed as follows. Rub the burn with metal polish, scrape and sand the surface. Place wet blotting paper over the mark, cover with glad wrap and leave overnight. Then polish as normal.

Serious Burns

These may require professional treatment, but if you feel confident to do this yourself proceed as follows. Scrape out the burnt part with a sharp knife. Fill the scar with matching wood filler. Allow to dry and sand down with fine sand paper. Paint the area to match the grain with artists paints.


Treat as soon as possible. Dented veneer may split and then will need to be cut out and replaced. Fill the dent with warm water and leave to swell.


Use a matching coloured wax crayon or boot polish and rub into the scratch. Rub with beeswax polish and a drop of linseed oil, polish well.

Stuck Paper

Paper that has become stuck to the wood can be removed by rubbing baby oil in . Leave this for a few minutes then gently peel away, removing any residue with a dry soft cloth.

To Revive Dull Polish Make the following mixture. 2 spoons turpentine, 2 spoons white vinegar, 2 spoons of methylated spirits and 1 spoon of linseed oil. Mix together well and apply with a soft dry cloth.

To Remove Surplus Polish

Mix equal parts vinegar and water, apply with a damp cloth and wipe off immediately.