How to Reduce Cell Phone’s EMR

Cell phones and other electronic gadgets produce harmful EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation). This EMR is not natural and vibrates at a much higher frequency than is in nature. Nature, which includes you, the earth and the plants, vibrates at a much lower and random frequency.

We are bombarded daily by EMR from not only our cell phones but by all of our electrical appliances such as refrigerators and computers. The electric lines that enter our homes invade our health with EMR also.

Although we cannot control every aspect of our existence, we can fight back. One thing you can do is to stay away from electrical devices that produce EMR as much as possible.

Salt lamps can help to counteract some of EMR adverse effects by emitting negative ions. There are devices such as cell phone chips that can be placed on your cell phones. These are believed to impede the negative effects of EMR. There does seem to be reports that prove that these chips presently work.

These chips can also be placed on computers, appliances, refrigerators as well as in cars. This could cut down on the negative effects of EMR.

When you are exposed to EMR from your cell phone your cells respond by hardening their membranes. This disrupts their natural jobs of transferring information and also builds up toxic waste.

This can produce more free radicals and interfere with DNA repair. This can be the beginning of disease. The chips that can be placed on cell phones and other electrical devices can stunt the EMR negative effects by altering the quality of the EMR field. The device seems to reprogram both transversal and longitudinal waves to eliminate negative effects of electromagnetic sources.

We do sacrifice our health quite a bit in the name of convenience. Although we can’t escape all of EMR negative results, we can willingly help by using good judgment and the tools available to us.

Sometimes we need to retreat back to nature where we can get away from all of the modern interference and pollution. This may be possible by going camping in the country or visiting areas that are far away from modern inventions.

Even though we can’t all run away to a deserted island, we can do our part in cleaning up EMR pollution.

For most of us that are stuck in our current position we can at least explore ways to deal the best we can with mans-so-called advances in technology.