How to Read Musical Notes of Guitars

Music is defined as the art of producing arrangements of sounds, reference to rhythm, pitch and tone color. Pitch is the frequency at which a note vibrates. Tone color is the type of sound. For example an overdriven electric guitar has a very rough aggressive tone. Rhythm is a measure of the time frame with which you play the notes. In other words, music is formed with the combination of notes that are pleasing to the ear.

However, many a times looking at a guitar player reading his musical sheet you must have wondered, how to read musical notes of guitar like a pro. Well, that is easy. Here are some basic tips on how to read the musical notes of guitar

Tip 1

The problem is that most of the teachers start teaching the students to impose reading simultaneously with guitar learning as soon as the first class starts. The first step is to get the motivation along with the self-esteem high for yourself and then proceed towards reading notes.

It is no rocket science. You need to give yourself some time for learning how to read musical notes of guitar. Once you believe you are comfortable enough with the instrument you can start with the notation reading.

Allow your teacher to introduce to you music symbols and their interpretations. The teacher must remember that the student should be willing enough to learn how to read the musical notes of guitar. You can divide reading music into stages at whatever stage one learns. It is guaranteed to lead to music reading proficiency.

Tip 2

The first stage in reading music is to identify and understand where you know the tune. By this we mean how familiar you are with the tune. Initially you would only like to play tunes that you like hearing. You start playing it having the music sheet in front of you.

Tip 3

As you start reading notes all you need to do initially is to figure out where and how those dots, numbers and markings on the staff translate on the fret board. There are only a few basics that will make the whole process real easy. Knowing a just a few things will make the ride easy.

Tip 4

The music staff, which is the five horizontal lines, also known as Leager lines, shows you how high or low a note is. The third line is a mid point. This mid point is the open second string of the guitar a B Si. Most important you should know that the strings of the guitar are counted starting from the bottom and going up.

So while reading notes all you need is to see dots and their height on the staff. Mentally eliminate those lines, small dots, white notes etc.

Tip 5

Lastly, to play guitars use 4 fingers in one hand and 4 fingers on the other. Once you know by heart these few things, the next you have to memorize is what the 6 strings of the guitar look like, and their names. Knowing only these 6 notes, you should figure out every single note on the fret board.

With the knowledge acquired so far you can say with all certainty that you know how to read a musical notes of guitar.