How To Reach Goals

Do you know you can reach goals? Most people dont set goals because they fear all different things. Whether they can make it, all the obstacles to achievement, the time, etc. In the end people dont do it! Lets remove fake barriers and look at how to reach goals. In the end you will know how to reach goals.

The first question comes how to reach goals? To answer this we know that we need something called goals, targets or objectives. In essence we need to know the outcome. For years I worked hard to make a million bucks, and it was only when I realized that it is no good. You see it is not the goal; you are not trying to make a million bucks, but enjoy the million bucks.

So it is not so much the goal of flying around the world, but actually what that would mean. What would it mean while you are doing it? All of this is essential because we can forget the important bits and rest on symbols. Symbols are fake and often die, however dreams are very real, and when acted upon will bring about results.

Feeling is an essential component, so I wanted you to rest on that for a moment. Obviously the beginning is having a goal, then to write it down.

How to reach goals then happens when you know why and how. The why is essential because it allows you to have the fuel for achievement.

Even if you dont know how to get there, that is fine. How to reach goals starts with the first step. What is the first step? What can you do right now? A plan is part of the process, but a plan is not the first step. Making a call, going out there and doing so that you can have is the first step.

Many people get stuck in the planning phase. For years that is what I would do. I would invest a lot of time into planning. Ask me to write you a business plan and I would provide you a plan that would make any blue chip Fortune 500 company proud, unfortunately plans dont mean much without action.

I want to remind you something – action! Action is essential. Let me say it again – action! Now what is the important step here? If you cant remember I will add it again – action! This article you are reading because not only did I plan it, I wrote it, and I got it in front of your eye balls!

This is not the only step however as the full answering of how to reach goals and how you did it comes down to awareness and measuring. When you become aware, you can know what is working and what is not. When you can measure, you can see what your actions are bringing you in the form of results.