How To Propose To Your Girlfriend: 3 Romantic Tips To Get Your Girlfriend To Say Yes!

Proposals are supposed to be romantic and memorable. And yet so many men end up botching the whole thing and making themselves miserable in the process. If you want to know how to propose to your girlfriend, remember this: It doesn’t have to be expensive nor cheesy; it only takes a little creativity.

If you want to know how to propose to your girlfriend, don’t copy someone else’s idea of a proposal from scratch. As romantic as a dinner at an Italian restaurant may sound, what if your girlfriend turns out to be allergic to Italian cuisine? And although flowers are universally acknowledged as pretty presents, not all girls appreciate being given a bouquet. Not everyone is the same.

The tips you will see below can be adjusted depending on the kind of couple you and your girlfriend are.

Tip # 1 On How To Propose To Your Girlfriend: Write A Love Letter.

There are many different ways you can express your undying love for your girlfriend. Some whisper, others sing. However, you can also put your vow in a letter.

Back in the day, people get love letters all the time. It was the only way you can properly let a girl know how much you admire her. These days, love letters are quite rare, especially those handwritten by the sender himself.

Think of how special your proposal would be if you gave your girlfriend a letter first. Of course, you can always opt to pop the question after she deciphers your handwriting.

Tip # 2 On How To Propose To Your Girlfriend: Create A Scavenger Hunt.

You can also prepare a scavenger hunt for her. A lot of guys have done this already, but each hunt is always unique. You have ultimate control over the places you’ll send her to, and the pieces she must find.

To make the entire thing more special, make sure to use only pieces that actually have some symbolic value and use places that are dear to both of you. Each stage of the hunt should also contain declarations of your love for her. Those little letters alone can have quite the impact on the girl.

Tip # 3 On How To Propose To Your Girlfriend: Make A Fairy Tale Come True.

Every girl has her own fairytale that she would love to be realized. If you want to fulfill that dream for her, the proposal is the best way to do it. First of all, you have to know what kind of happy ending she wants. And take your own fairytale into consideration as well.

There are so many ways on how to propose to your girlfriend. Now that I’ve given you some ideas, it’s time for you to get started!