How to Promote Your MLM Business Using Article Marketing

Quite frankly, creating massive free traffic online is easy if you understand how to use article marketing. Getting started promoting your business through articles may seem like a daunting task. I’m going to briefly cover the basics of how to begin marketing your business using this strategy in this article.

Here’s the reasons why you need to start marketing your MLM business with articles right away:

Let’s start by covering the basic problems that most MLM distributors have when marketing on the internet. Here are the two biggest problems that most people will run into at one point or another:

1. Most distributors simply have a poor lead capture page that doesn’t convert traffic very well, so most of the effort that they put into their business is wasted. The number one priority of yours in your MLM business is to get a lead system that converts visitors into sales and distributors. However, this article is making the assumption that you already have this set up, and we are going to move on to the second problem.

2. Most people who use effective lead systems don’t get enough traffic to their site for the systems to work (which basically means their wasting their money on the site – you need traffic to get leads). The simple truth of the matter is that you need THOUSANDS of visitors to your site each month to generate the kinds of leads you need to be successful – this can be difficult and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you’re new to marketing and don’t have a marketing budget of $5,000 a month, this is where article marketing can give you the initial boost you need to get your business off the ground. Article marketing is a free strategy that brought me 7,000 visitors to my last website within the first 6 ½ weeks of it’s existence. Now those results are much higher than typical, and I have a free video course on my website that I give for subscribing to my newsletter, but I was able to do that because of one thing:

Every single day I write one short, 500-700 word article and submit it to various article directories (even if I’m not in the mood to do it). That’s it.

You see, I don’t let the fact that I haven’t been doing article marketing for years stop me from getting tons of traffic. This is my article for today. Yesterday, I wrote an article about a well known pre-launch MLM company called The Trump Network. The day before that, I wrote an article about an MLM guru (I already have more than 300 views on that one).

I write ONE article per day.

One of my favorite quotes is from a MLM guru I met named Brad Duncan. Brad told me “I make the money I do because I do the simple, daily, consistent things that everyone knows that they should do, but nobody does, and I’ve been doing them daily for 20 years.”

It doesn’t take too much time research some quick keywords and write an article – in fact, half the time I don’t even do any research at all, I just do some quick brainstorming and write an article from my imagination. (Like this one – no keyword research was involved.)

The funny thing is, while all my competitors are looking for ‘the perfect keyword’, I’ve gotten more than 2,000 views on my main website in the last 30 days from articles that didn’t contain one smidgeon of research whatsoever to complete. I just started writing a short article about a subject I had some basic knowledge in and whamo! I just took 20 minutes and wrote them up. I’ve gotten more than 50 leads from those articles alone.

So I have a challenge for you.

This month let’s both write one article per day. Just one. If you want to supercharge those results, go to my website and watch my training that I have on the subject.

Don’t worry if you suck – you’ll be good at it soon enough. For now – just go for it! More tips are on the way soon!