How to prevent Teen Drug Use

While there are many issues with teenagers that strike fear in the heart of a parent, teen drug use is the prime one. But you can’t let your fear force you to ignore drug concerns in your child’s life. Each and every teenager knows someone in school who experiments or uses drugs. Every teen has seen it on television or in the newspapers. To bring up a drug-free teenager you’ll need to put your fear aside and empower your teenager with all the positive aspects of life to meet this issue head on.

Few things parents should know about preventing teen drug use:

· Be there for your teen when he needs to get out of a bad situation.

· Get to know your teen’s friends and their parents on a first name basis.

· Keep connected in the after school hours.

· Be a role model.

· Unite your family against drugs using strong family beliefs.

Signs of Teens drugs use:

· loss of interest in family activities and disrespecting family rules

· defiant of authority

· poor work performance

· negative, argumentative, paranoid or confused, destructive, anxious

· overly tired or hyperactive

· drastic weight loss or gain

· reduced memory and attention span

Though some of these warning signs of drug abuse may be present in your teen, but it does not mean that they are definitely using drugs. There could be causes for some of these behaviors. Even the life stage of adolescence is a valid reason for many of them to exist. On the other side of that, do not ignore the warning signs of teenage drug abuse.