How to Prepare to Win

It’s been my experience that most entrepreneurs miss a very important step when it comes to the success of their businesses: they fail to plan. When you are your business it’s extremely easy to get caught up in putting out the latest fire or being distracted by the newest email. (I’m so guilty of this one that I now turn my email off when I’m working on anything but email!) In order to really be on an energy track of pulling in clients and growing your business, you must plan.

Some professionals that I’ve chatted with actually boast about not having a plan. They love that they’re self-employed and feel entitled to freedom. I agree with the love of freedom, but if you want to have a juicy, dripping with clients business, you must set yourself up for that (because then that’s what you’ll get). I’m not a big sports fan, but I really doubt that the tennis players that just wrapped up Wimbledon went in with an “ah-let’s-just-wing-it” attitude. Is your life and business really worth less than a tennis-match? I’m going to say, NO!

Energy Rich Entrepreneurs are excellent planners. They are always looking ahead. Charting when they want a project completed by and putting in place systems that guarantees it is completed. Now here’s the jiggy-real Energy Rich Entrepreneurs don’t limit their plans to only what they know. They create a vision, commit to it, and set about finding someone who’ll know how to get it done (with results!) and is willing to help.

Energy Rich Entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to ask for and receive help. They know it’s the best way to win.

Now, let’s also be honest, planning isn’t all the rage. Planning isn’t about instant pleasure. It’s much more fun to just hand over the responsibility to someone else, right?

Well, let’s do a re-frame: what about creating your own vision? Seeing how you want it to look? Dreaming of how you want your business to be…believing it can happen…going about crafting the steps along the way…doing what it takes to charge your goals and dreams with energy.

That’s exciting. Let’s get to it!


Take out a calendar.

Look at the next 90 Days (approximately 3 months).

What would you like to have completed by that time?

What would you like to be doing differently?

Create a 90-Day action plan for yourself that has your bigger year and life vision in mind.

Keep it somewhere you can see it.

In 90 days…repeat 🙂 This keeps the energy moving forward!