How to Prepare for an Aquarium

Taking care of fish is enjoyable, but it’s no easy task! The following are some questions you can ask to determine if you are indeed, “aquarium ready.”

1. Am I aware of the dangers of overstocking?
2. Am I aware of the value that plants provide in an aquarium?
3. Am I going to use a Grow Light?
4. Am I prepared to take care of a saltwater aquarium?
5. Do I have the knowledge to create a safe swimming environment?
6. Do I know how much food to feed my fish?
7. Do I know how to acclimate fish to its new environment?
8. Do I know how to check the salinity level in a saltwater aquarium?
9. Do I know how to clean aquariums?
10. Do I know how to cycle an aquarium?
11. Do I know how to prevent aggressive fish behavior?
12. Do I know how to safely clean an aquarium?
13. Do I know how to soak driftwood?
14. Do I know the difference between saltwater aquariums and freshwater aquariums?
15. Do I know where to research the kind of fish I want to learn more about them?
16. Do I know which fish live peacefully together and which don’t?
17. Do I know which plants to put into my aquarium?
18. How am I going to handle algae growth?
19. How many heaters will I use for my aquarium?
20. How much heat should I give my aquarium?
21. How often will I expose my fish and plants to light?
22. How will I check the pH level of my aquarium?
23. How will I know my aquarium is balanced?
24. How will I make my aquarium attractive to not just myself, but also to the fish that live in it?
25. How will I regulate the aquarium’s temperature?
26. What aquarium shape and size is appropriate for me?
27. What can I do to prevent disease in my aquarium?
28. What causes fish illness?
29. What don’t I know about aquariums and how can I find out more?
30. What kind of aquarium am I interested in?
31. What kind of fish do I want?
32. What kind of lighting will I use?
33. What kinds of filtration systems will my aquarium use?
34. What non-fish animals should I put into my aquarium?
35. What temperature should my aquarium be?
36. Where can I get an effective and powerful filter?
37. Which heater is best for my aquarium? An internal one or an external one?
38. Why do I want an aquarium?
39. Will I add driftwood to my aquarium?
40. Will I need a starter kit?
41. Will I need to educate others in the home about my aquarium?

You may know the answers to some (or even a lot) of these questions, but should you stumble on a few, why not take the time to learn more about them? No damage could come from educating yourself about aquarium life and your fish will thank you for it each day that they greet you!