How to Play Vintage Games on the Nintendo Wii

Every adult who played video games as a child has fond memories of their favorite ones. But unless your old video game system survived to adulthood with you, your favorite games seemed lost forever; that is until the release of the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii’s menu features the Wii Shop Channel where you can purchase your favorite vintage games using Wii points, download them to your console, and play them right on your Wii. This innovation has helped to make the Wii a success and secure its place as the most popular video game system on the market.

You can access the Wii Shop Channel from the main menu on the Wii. You must connect your Wii to the internet using the Wii connect 24 which is simple to do if you already have a computer with internet access in your house. Once your online you can use Wii points, purchased online or from retail stores in the from of a gift card, to buy your favorite old games. 2000 Wii points retail for $20 and with game downloads starting at 500 Wii points per game, you can enjoy all your favorites even on a budget. Playing all your favorite old games is possible again and you don’t have to shell out $60 for a new release.

Nintendo boasts the greatest game archive in history available for download onto the Wii. You can get games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and TurboGrafx 16 on the Wii Shop Channel. Games on the Wii shop Channel, depending on what system they were originality released on, range in price from 500-1000 Wii points. Not a bad deal to be able to play all your favorites again. There are currently well over 100 vintage games available for download with more on the way. Games include the entire Zelda series, Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, Street Fighter, Castlevania, Kirby’s Adventure and more.

Not all games can be played using the new Wii remote. Most of the original Nintendo Entertainment System games, Sega Genesis games, and TurboGrafx 16 games can be played using the new Wii remote but the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games require the new version of the classic controller or a Game Cube controller which can be plugged in to the Wii. Speaking of the Game Cube, the Wii is backward compatible with all Game Cube games and you can play them right from the disk.

The innovation of offering vintage games to Wii owners has helped to make the Nintendo Wii the most popular video game console on the market right now. Both hard-core gamers and nostalgic baby boomers can remember games they liked twenty years ago and again enjoy them on the Nintendo Wii. Bringing back games from the past was a good move for Nintendo and the success of the Wii has benefited from the Wii Shop Channel and players ability to download their favorite vintage games.