How To Play Poker With Wild Cards – Card Games

Wild cards can add a fun twist into any poker game. There are many variations of playing poker with wild cards and a wild card can be used in virtually any poker game. A “wild card” can be any card that is determined to be “wild” at the beginning of the game.

For example, people playing five card stud poker can spice the game up by stating at the beginning of the game that Queens are wild. This would mean that anyone who has a Queen in their hand can use the Queen to be any card they want to make their hand more appealing. Someone with two Queens and two 10s would have four tens in their hand, instead of two pair. Since face cards are considered “high” cards in poker games, however, lower cards are often chosen to be the “wild cards.”

In addition to a particular card being wild, such as a Queen, people can vary the game to make a certain suit wild, such as all clubs. If more wild cards are desired, people can say all nines and sevens are wild cards.

Another variation of using wild cards when playing poker implements the jokers into the game. Most playing card decks come with a pair of jokers, which are often discarded. By allowing the jokers into the game and making them “wild cards” you add a little spice to the game, but not as much as if you have a certain card wild, or a certain suit.

When playing poker using wild cards, you should remember that a pair isn’t going to win the game. The more wild cards, the higher the winning hand will be. The highest hand that can be held in poker with wild cards is five of a kind. This is followed by a straight flush, four of a kind, a full house, a flush, a straight, three of a kind, two pair and finally, a pair. At no time, during most poker games, can anyone use more than five cards to make up a hand, even if they are dealt seven cards. All poker hands consist of five cards.

Virtually any poker game can be played using wild cards. The imagination of the dealer determines whether the game is going to be a wild card game or not. While most professional poker players do not play with wild cards, family and friends getting together and playing “dealer’s choice” poker often implement the use of wild cards to add a little variety to the game.

One thing to remember when playing with wild cards is that very often two people may end up with the same hand, such as two people having a straight flush. In this case, the person who has the most “natural” cards in his or her hand, that is the least amount of wild cards, usually wins the game.

Poker can be a fun game for both young and old. Young people, in particular, love playing poker using wild cards. It is yet another fun way to add variety to your card games.