How To Play Hard To Get With A Guy In 3 Simple Steps

Knowing how to play hard to get with a guy is a crucial lesson every girl must learn. You cannot give herself too freely or your affections can be taken for granted.

As a woman, this will be natural for you; but a few tips can do much to help push you in the right direction. Read this article and find out how to play hard to get with a guy!

Step 1: Be Cool.

It’s perfectly natural for you to get excited when the man you like shows up; but throwing too many covert glances his way, giggling uncontrollably with your friends, and blushing whenever he looks at you will give you away instantly.

When a guy realizes that you’re an easy target, he may not like you as much anymore and you’ll have little control over how things will pan out. He needs to learn that he has to work for your affection; so don’t show him how interested you are.

Step 2: Hang Out Elsewhere.

If you want to know how to play hard to get with a guy, then don’t be always present in places where he hangs out all the time. It’s nice to be seen at his favorite coffee shop once in a while; but if you’re always there, it will look like you’re following him.

Find your own hang out place and if he’s really interested in you, he’ll be the one who hangs out at your favorite spot.

Step 3: Keep Yourself Preoccupied.

Here’s how to really play hard to get with a guy – keep yourself busy! When he asks you out, it’s okay to accept once; but if he asks you out again before the week is over, you could try asking for a rain check.

When you’re too available, you become less interesting. It sounds horrible, I know; but if you want to keep him pining after you, then you need to do other activities that don’t concern him.

This gives him the idea that you won’t be clingy or dependent and that you’ve got a lot going for you. All these are plus points; so even when you’re truly eager for another date, ask for a rain check.

Now that you know how to play hard to get with a guy, I hope you do put these steps to good use. It’s tempting to make yourself available to the person you like; but if you want to catch his attention more permanently, keep yourself cool, hang out at different places and don’t be too available!