How To Play Gin Rummy – Card Games

Gin Rummy is an old card game that relies on getting several sets of cards in your hand and accumulating them until you can go “out,” calling “Gin” and thus winning the game. The card game of Gin Rummy can be played with or without money and is just as much fun without betting.

When playing Gin Rummy, each person is dealt seven cards, all face down. The remainder of the deck goes in the middle of the table and the first card on the deck is flipped up. The person to the left of the dealer begins the game by picking up one card, either the card flipped up or the first card on the deck in the center of the table, and discarding one card from his or her hand face up in the “face up” card pile. The continues around the table going clockwise.

The objective of the game of Gin Rummy is to use all of the seven cards in your hand to make up two or three winning hands. The cards in your hand can be mixed to have two pairs and three of a kind, a straight and a pair, a flush and a pair, three of a kind and four of the kind, or four a kind and a pair. No more than five cards can be used for each hand.

Players continue to play the game until someone gets “Gin,” which is a winning hand as described prior. Each player keeps drawing a card and discarding during each round. A person must pick up a card each time and discard. A player can either take the top card in the “face” up pile or the top card in the face down pile, but must pick up and discard on each play. Players are not allowed to have more than seven cards in their hand.

When someone has all the required cards in their hand, they say “Gin” when it comes to their turn at playing. At that time, the person shows their hand to the other players and wins the game.

Gin Rummy can be played for money if the players bet a minimal amount into the pot each time. Or the players can simply play for an ante that is put into the pot at the start of the game. An ante is a predetermined amount of money that each player must put in the center of the pot.

This card game can also be played by using “points.” Someone keeps track of the amount of time each player wins on a piece of paper. At the end of the card game, the points are added and the person with the most points wins. Cards should be shuffled thoroughly between games as most people have more than one pair in their hands each time a person calls “Gin.”

Although it can be played for money, Gin Rummy is a fun game that is suitable for the entire family to play without money. Each Gin Rummy card game normally takes about a half an hour to complete and is a perfect day to spend an afternoon or an evening with friends.