How to Play Follow The Ace – Card Games

One of the best card games to play is a poker card game called “Follow the Ace.” This is a variation of seven card stud poker, but can be quite exciting as it is played with wild cards and the cards keep changing throughout the game.

In this game, as with most other poker games, players ante up before the deal. This means that each player puts a set amount, or “ante” of money into the center of the table. The dealer then begins dealing the cards, one at a time, beginning with the person to his or her left and moving clockwise around the table. Two cards are dealt, face down and then one card face up, after which time, betting commences.

The objective of this game is to get wild cards. The wild card is determined to be the card that is dealt face up after an Ace. For example, if someone gets an Ace of hearts dealt face up, the next card dealt face up is wild. If that card is a two, all twos are wild cards. Anyone who has a two in their hand has a wild card. The thing that makes this game fun, however, is that during the next round of dealing, another Ace can come up and the wild card can change.

If no Ace comes up during the up card dealing, the players give their cards back to the dealer, the money remains in the pot, an additional ante is put up and the game begins again. The same thing happens if the Ace comes out last. Aces in the hole (down cards) do not matter, the only Ace that can change the wild card are those that are dealt face up.

One fun variation of this game is making no cards wild if the Ace come up on the last dealt up card. This changes quite a few things for the players as those who thought they were sitting pretty with a bunch of wild cards have an entirely different hand.

Another variation is to continue playing if no one is dealt an Ace up, which would just mean that it was just another game of seven card stud poker.

Still another variation is to offer a draw, which means players can discard three cards and get three new cards from the deck. The difference between draw poker and stud poker is that players can discard and get new cards in draw poker.

Yet another variation is to play the game with five cards instead of seven, which is sometimes advisable when playing with a larger group;. In this case, three cards instead of four would be dealt face up.

There are hundreds of different ways to play poker and each game has many different variations. One just needs to use a little imagination to make the game a little more interesting by changing a rule or two each time they play. Just make sure, when doing this, that you explain the rules to your guests before making them.

Poker can be a lot of fun to play, either as a family or with groups of friends. Follow the Ace is just one of many enjoyable card games people can play together.