How To Play Five Card Draw – Card Games

Probably the best known poker games is five card draw. Five card draw is the card game that is often depicted in old westerns. In this game, the dealer deals five cards to each player at the table. All of the cards are dealt facing down. After everyone looks at their cards, the betting begins. As all the cards are hidden, betting begins with the person sitting to the left of the dealer, who determines the size of the bet.

In most card games, the minimum size of the bet is determined prior to beginning the game. It usually is the same amount as the ante, which is the amount of money put into the center of the table, or the pot, at the beginning of the game. Most poker card games begin with a certain ante in the middle of the table. Depending upon the rules set by the players before the card game, the person to the left of the dealer can either put in the ante or fold. The person sitting at the left of the dealer has the least advantage during this first round as they cannot try to guess, by the actions of the other individuals, if they have good or bad hands.

The best hand someone can have in five card draw is a royal flush. A royal flush is the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of one suit (all diamonds, hearts, clubs or spades). A straight flush is five cards of the same suit, in order. Aces can be used either as high cards or as a “one” in a straight, unless it is specified before the game that the Ace must be used as high or low.

After a straight flush, the next best hand to have is four of a kind, such as four Jacks, four 10s and so on. Next to that is a Full House. A full house is three cards of the same, such as three Jacks, and a pair of another card, such as two Queens.

If two players have a full house, the person with the highest set of three cards wins. After a full house comes a flush, which is all cards of the same suit, after that is a straight, which is five cards in order, regardless of suit. A straight beats three of a kind, which beats two pair, which beats a pair of cards. In five card stud, a person should only remain in the game if he has three of a kind or greater in his hand.

After the first person bets, the others follow. They can either “call,” which means they add the amount of money the first person determined into the pot, “raise,” which means they want everyone to add more money into the pot (this is usually done if they have a good hand, or feel they can “bluff” their way through the card game) or fold, which means they are out of this particular game and do not want to add any more money into the pot. If someone raises, the rest must either call or raise to stay in the game.

In most five card draw poker games, after the final bet, the players are allowed to toss away three cards (four if they have an Ace) and get new cards. After the new cards are dealt, the betting goes around the table beginning with the last person who raised the pot. If no one raised, the betting again begins with the person to the dealer’s left.

Strategies for five card stud vary, as do rules. If you are playing this game, make sure you know if the Ace can be high or low, the minimum betting amount, and if you will be able to get three new cards after the first round. In many cases, the new cards must be “purchased,” which means you need to put additional money down. Five Card Draw is one of the oldest, and best card games a person can play.