How To Play Black Jack – Card Games

When going to a casino, many people are intimidated by the Black Jack tables. Black Jack is one of the few games available in most casinos where you have a decent chance of winning money. Although there is a large element of risk involved, learning to play Black Jack can be fun and beneficial.

The objective of Black Jack is to get a total of twenty one in your card points. Face cards are worth ten points, the Ace is worth either one point or eleven points and the other cards are worth their natural value. Black Jack is usually played in a casino and involves a dealer and players. The dealer plays for the casino, the players play for themselves.

Each player is dealt one card, face down. The dealer gets one card, but his is face up. Bets are placed in the beginning of the game, however in some casinos, a player can raise his bet after the first card is dealt. After receiving the second card, a player has to decide whether or not he or she wants to continue getting cards. The dealers cards are all face up and the dealer has to stop at either 17 or 18, depending upon the casino. The dealer also has to continue getting cards until he or she gets to 13, or 14 in some casinos.

Black Jack players are not playing against one another; they are playing against the house, or the dealer. While it may be beneficial to see what the other players have, most black jack decks consist of up to five decks of cards, making it virtually impossible for players to “count” cards and have an idea of what card will be dealt next. If the dealer goes over 21, all of the players win, provided that they also do not go over. If the dealer gets 21, all of the players lose, although in some casinos, a player who also has 21 just gets their original bet back.

When playing Black Jack for the first time, it is important to play at a low limit table. Many casinos offer Black Jack with a $5 limit; that means that each time you bet, you are betting $5. If you win, you get your $5 back, plus $5 from the dealer. Every casino has many different Black Jack tables with betting minimums as low as $5 to $5,000. Make sure you know the limit before you begin playing.

There are certain strategies that players use to try to win this game, however nothing is fool-proof. One strategy is to stop at 12. The dealer cannot stop at 12, he or she must take another card and this strategy banks on the chance of the dealer going over 21. Players also take into consideration what the dealer has versus their own hand and decide whether or not they want another card. Nothing, however, is guaranteed and the odds in Black Jack, although better than the roulette table or slot machines, which are all a matter of luck, are still on the house.

Players can also “double down” if they are dealt two matching cards. A player may wish to take a chance and double down on a pair of tens, hoping to get two face cards or an Ace. Doubling down usually requires additional money as you are technically playing two hands. However, if you win, you get double of what you would get if you win with one hand.

If a player gets Black Jack, which is a Jack and an Ace, he or she automatically wins, unless the dealer has Black Jack also. Depending upon the casino, players who get Black Jack are entitled to more than they would get if they just beat the dealer with a regular hand.

Black Jack can be a lot of fun, but moves very fast. Those who have never played the game, but would like to try, should find a table that has a low minimum bet and watch the game for a while. When they feel confident enough, enter the game and begin to play. It is probably the best game to play when visiting the casinos.