How To Play Between The Sheets – Card Games

There are hundreds of different card games people can play to entertain themselves, friends and family, particularly in the upcoming cold Winter months when the weather often requires us to remain indoors.

One such game that is both easy to learn and exciting is Between, or Between the Sheets. Depending on who you are playing the game with determines the name. The concept of the game, however, remains the same. Between the Sheets is a card game usually played during dealer’s choice poker card games. It is a fun game and can be very exciting, particularly when betting is involved.

To play this card game, the players all put forth an ante. The dealer then deals the person to his left two cards, face up. The person then has to decide to bet whether the next card will lie in between the two cards that are face up. In other words, if a person is dealt a 10 and a two, they may choose to bet as they have a decent chance of getting one of the cards lying in between the 10 and two. If the next card turned over is either a two or ten and higher, the person loses whatever he or she bet and must put the amount of money into the pot.

At no time can someone bet more than what is already in the pot. The game gets exciting when someone is unlucky enough to bet the entire amount in the pot and loses. The pot doubles instantly and this is done usually about three times each game.

Between the Sheets is similar to Faro, in which a person “bets” that the card they hold can beat the dealer’s upturned card. Unlike most poker games, this card game does not rely on any particularly strategy but, like Faro is a game of chance.

The game ends when someone bets the entire pot and wins. In this case, the game can begin again with another ante, or a new card game in the “dealers choice” can begin.

Between the Sheets has many variations and different names. On variation is that the dealer simply deals two cards up in the center and one card down for each of the players. Players then place a certain amount of money in front of them as they ‘bet’ whether the card they hold can lay between the two cards on the table.

Another variation is played by “Over and Under.” In this game, the player bets whether the card they receive will be over or under the two cards in the center. This card game is just as much fun and a bit more difficult to win, although it primarily relies on chance.

Instead of using money, players can use poker chips, matches, or any other item that accumulates. Many people enjoy playing these games just for fun and it is a simple game and very easy to learn. Even children can learn how to play these relatively simple games.

Card games such as Between the Sheets and Over and Under are an ideal way for families and friends to spend time together indoors.