How To Plan To Break Ninety

Every golfer goes through phases of setting targets for themselves. In golf, there is always another step, another goal that you just have to reach. Getting better at golf, scoring better and lowering your handicap can become quite an addiction.

One of those goals will quite often to break 100, and then another will be to break 90. The fact is that if you are shooting scores that are somewhere in the nineties you are probably hitting the ball fairly well, getting a pretty good distance but you haven’t quite worked out the finer details involved in actually scoring well.

To break 90, you have to start to think better, to plan each hole and to manage your game so as to play to your strengths. In reality it is usually the longer shots that get you into the most trouble. This is simply due to the obvious fact that if a long shot goes in the wrong direction it tends to be more difficult to recover from than a shorter distance shot that goes off line.

If you take a look at your yardages of each hole at your home club, you can start to plan to more strategically place your approach shot into the green. By working back from the green to the tee box and choosing your clubs accordingly you are allowing yourself maximum opportunity to get close to the pin with your approach shot, or at the very least, safely upon the green.

Another thing that you can do is take away the need for any really long or difficult shots by simply planning to take one extra shot on par fours and fives with which to reach the green. So if your par four hole is 390 yards, you know that all you really need is three individual 130-yard shots to get there. Add two putts and you have a nice safe single bogey.

Applying this simply strategy, and assuming your course has 3 or 4 par threes that you can reach in one shot, you will safely break 90 without having to rely on your long game being consistently straight. As I say, breaking 90 is more about thinking your way around than it is about muscle.

The next goal will quite likely to be that of breaking 80. If you are already shooting mid to low eighties, then you will know yourself that your long and intermediate game are pretty good. ItÂ’s at this point in the game that you need to be getting sharper around the greens. You cannot afford to chip and two-putt on holes any more. You need to make those up and downs.

Once again, this task is as much mental as it is physical, if not more so. You have to think well, plan well and visualize well. Then, and only then, you have to execute the shot. This is why you often hear professionals saying that good golf is 90% in the mind. The good news is that the mental side is actually easy to acquire!

Roseanna Leaton, golf addict and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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