How To Pick A Quality Supplement

How to Pick a Quality Supplement

(why GMP should matter to you) I must warn you of something very dangerous that is a plague on the supplement industry. It’s called NO STANDARDS. Did you know that unless a company uses GMP certified manufacturing, you have no way of knowing the quality and amount of the ingredients in your supplement?

Think I am bullshitting on how wide spread this is? Think of a really good protein bar that hit the market in the last 4 years. Notice that they probably don’t taste like that any more? I can think of three examples off the top of my head (not naming names of course). One was a rich gooey peanut filled bar that hit the market like a monsoon! Ever have one now (3 years later)? You get a hard, dry piece of crap that tastes like garbage. How about my favorite caramel apple bar? Yum they were good with dripping pieces of caramel and nice chunks of apple. I had one the other day and oddly enough there was no caramel, hard apple chips and the bar was a rock. So, without taking down the supplement industry and opening my self up to lawsuits, you the consumer, need to really insist on a new standard for supplements, one that ensures you get what you pay for. The government (about one of the few things they are doing right) is about to issue mandatory GMP certification for dietary supplements, but that is still 1-3 years off, so I HIGHLY suggest you buy ONLY GMP certified today.

GMP is a government standard that assures quality and accuracy in your supplements. A word to the wise, buy ONLY GMP certified supplements, since if you don’t there is no way to know what you are putting into your body. Trustonly people that use GMP certified labs to produce its supplement line, so you can believe that the product contains EXACTLY what is on the label.

If you buy some off brand “bargain” supplement, you could be getting saw dust for all you know, and you have not only wasted time but money too! Look for GMP certification (on the bottle) for all of your supplements and nutritional needs. Don’t think it doesn’t happen. There are whole web sites designed to expose supplement companies who do not meet label claims and some of your most popular brands can test out to contain none of the ingredients that you THINK are in the bottle. Trust only the government GMP certification to ensure quality.

Think it doesn’t happen? This stuff happens! Just look at the recent issues with pet food. If you didn’t follow it, pet food made with Chinese protein was killing innocent pets. The manufacturers had no idea why until they tested some brands and found that the protein was “contaminated” with something that made it weigh more yet hurt the pets. Why would Chinese manufacturers do this? Well, if the additive weighs more in the same volume, they can charge the same for including less protein in their shipment. This stuff happens and the only remedy is GMP certification. I STRONGLY encourage you to look for a GMP logo on every supplement you purchase. If not, you may at best be throwing your money down the drain or at worst putting something harmful into your body!

Ok, I am off my soap box for a bit, but it ticks me off that quality companies spend lots of money to make sure their products work, only to get knocked off by people that use low grade manufacturing which is not GMP certified and can contain potentially half the ingredients listed on the bottle. We all pay a lot for our supplements, and I expect that companies would want GMP certification. Ask yourself why they don’t!

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