How to Pass a Truck Driving Test

You have dreams of racing down long streets and empty roads, passing by beautiful scenery, from deserts to lush fields and beaches. You aspire to see the whole of America while controlling the reigns of an amazingly large vehicle. As a kid, you’ve always dreamed of becoming a true-blue, cross-country truck driver, and now that you’re an adult, the dream remains.

You will then be happy to know that the number of truck driving jobs in America has been on the rise. Currently, over three million Americans make a living from truck driving.

If you want to be one of these three million Americans who are living your dream, there are some things you need before you officially become a truck driver.

One such requirement is getting your high school diploma or GED. While you will still be able to get a truck driving job without this, these days one third of the companies that offer truck driving jobs prefer hiring high school graduates.

Another important factor that can have a huge impact on your chances of getting a truck driving job is having a clean driving record. Excessive moving violations and especially any driving under the influence convictions can greatly hurt your chances of getting a decent truck driving job.

But perhaps the most important requirement in becoming a truck driver is in acquiring your commercial driver’s license. A CDL is needed if you are to drive a truck that weights 26,000 lbs or higher, or if you are to drive a truck of any size, if it contains hazardous materials.

To acquire your CDL, you will have to pass a written exam. But what is most challenging in obtaining a CDL is perhaps the truck driving test you will have to take. Here are some helpful tips on how you can increase your chances of passing this truck driving test:

1. Seek professional help. If you are truly serious about getting the CDL and becoming a truck driver, consider taking truck driving lessons from specialized driving schools. Truck driving programs allow you to be instructed by truck drivers who are CDL holders, so you will get first-hand information on how to pass a truck driving test. You will also be able to test your own skills and assess the aspects of truck driving that you need to improve on.

2. Not only should you attend a reputable driving school in order to learn the proper ways of driving a truck, but driving school programs also help you understand the basic road laws and regulations. Such information will help you to drive properly and safely, and it will definitely be reflected on your truck driving test.

In addition to passing a truck driving test in order to obtain your commercial driving license, you will also have to pass the CDL written test. Truck drivers are also required to pass the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, or FMCSR exam of the Department of Transportation of the United States. This will include a written test and a physical exam that will test your vision and hearing.

After two years, you will have to take the FMCSR physical exam again in order to retain your commercial drivers license.

For more information on how you can apply for a commercial driver’s license in your area, contact the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles for further instructions.