How To Overcome Objections

Usually when a prospect makes an excuse, it is because they have not been convinced that whatever you are selling to them, has sufficient benefit for them to change their mind.

In order to combat this you should have included them in the solution from the very beginning. You should have been asking questions around what their current situation is, what problems they are facing, the impacts that the problem is causing, what they would like to achieve and so on.
By asking quality questions up-front you will save yourself the excuses down stream!
But what if you are not at that level yet and you are still getting objections, how do you overcome them?
Well, here are 4 of my favourite tips to help you overcome them
Tip number one is all about adding additional information to their objection.
For example, the prospect says: “I don’t have the time to spend on implementing this system”
You can reply with “Yes, that’s a good point and XYZ company thought exactly the same way before they ordered from us 1 month ago but with this package comes an unrivalled support plan where we will do all of the work for you” – and then you talk about what it is and how it works.
With that example you build up credibility by dropping an existing client into the conversation, the fact that they had that same objection and still ordered. You could even go on to give the prospect the name and telephone number of a person at that company so they can call to find out what their experience was like with working with you.
So that’s tip number 1 – add information to their objection.
Tip number 2 is all about using their objection and turning it into a question to find out more.
For example “It’s just too much money, we do not have enough for this”
Now most sales people would just go for the reasons why their product was just too good to miss and counter the cost argument but by asking a question you can open up the prospect for a respectable 2 way discussion about how much they have got to play with for your product or service.
You can reply with something like “Has the amount gone over what you had in mind for this product?”
This question feels out the prospect with regards to how much they have got to play with. You can then probe some more until you get a good idea of how much your product is over their budget and what leeway you have got to make discounts, throw in additional extras and so on.
Tip number three is to ask the prospect whether their objection is the only one they have got.
Objections are a lot easier to handle if you know them up front plus after you have got over one hurdle you do not want others put in your way.
So the prospect replies with “It’s too much money”
You reply with “Just supposing that cost wasn’t an issue, do you have any other problems with what we have discussed today as you like the product don’t you?”
With this question you are isolating the objections.
You could even take it one step further by saying something like:
“If we could do something on the cost so that you could satisfy yourself on what you were paying would you be up for placing an order today?”
Tip number four is to agree with the prospects objections and line of reasoning and then use this information to demonstrate the evidence that they need to be convinced to buy.
The prospect says “Your product looks good but it is a lot cheaper at xyz company who we already use”
You reply with “Yes, you’re right Mr Prospect, they are a lot cheaper and their product is very good indeed, I’m sure you are getting some great results with it. Therefore we would have not bothered seeing you today if we thought that our product was not superior to the rest. Let me show you how it can…..”
In this instance the company are already using another product so do not put it down because somewhere down the line you are questioning someone’s judgement – because they got sold on that product!
I hope those 4 tips help you to overcome the objections that you face?
Remember, keep it simple and stick to a formula that works best for you.