How To Optimize Your Web Site For Bing

For anyone who is doing business on the web there is no doubt you’ve been hearing about Microsoft’s latest search engine release called Bing. Bing promises a new user experience for those surfing the web. This is a pretty necessary rework of Microsoft’s previous search in an effort to compete with both Google and Yahoo. There appears to be more press than ever covering this launch as Microsoft is seeking to make radical changes to their business model.

You might be asking yourself, what does Bing mean for my website and how can I ensure that my web site is found? I have been receiving a number of inquiries from individuals who are truly concerned about the impact a new algorithm will have on their website’s search results. I have begun to research Bing as a search engine and found out that much of it’s methodology for ranking is similar to that of Google.

When looking at top ranked websites, an in depth analysis can be done to see which factors vary between top results. A recent comparison that I viewed showed that the number one ranking website on Bing was able to keep a leg up on the competition by having an older domain age, and having inbound links from websites that included the primary keyword in the referring sites title tag. In short, the top web site was successful in building inbound links from other SEO sites and directories as opposed to being from unrelated websites.

After just a little research, it’s clear that Bing is using criteria such as in bound linking to evaluate the appropriateness of a given site related to a search term. Consistent with other search enginealgorithms in bound linking shows which sites are popular and worth of top rankings. Focus your SEO efforts on link building to do well in Google and other search engines like Bing.

Improving your organic search results is vital to your online success. Many website owners or affiliate marketers believe they can buy their way to top rankings. In turn, these ranking produce significant traffic and a profitable revenue stream. Generating organic results take time and hard work. If you know where to focus, you will get to your destination much quicker. Focus your efforts on building links and optimizing your pages for success.

The other place you want to focus is content. Quality content is vital. But trying to attract users with quality content alone is not enough to rank on top for competitive keywords. Make is easy for others to link to your content and give them a reason to do so. Add time to your daily efforts to acquire links from relevant and authoritative sites to increase your rankings and keep you on top of search engine results.

Focus on SEO basics if you want to improve your website’s rankings. Not only will this have a positive impact on your Bing ranking for certain keywords but it will also have a positive impact on your site’s ranking across most major search engines. Fundamental principles like quality content and easily crawled web sites have a positive impact that can last for a very long time.

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