How To Motivate Your Employees Without Money: 3 Employee Motivation Techniques That Work Like Magic

Now that we have an economic crisis looming above our heads, learning how to motivate your employees without money becomes more important than ever. Doing this can help you improve the overall performance of your employees. It will encourage them to work ever harder and strive for the company’s goals.

So do you want to know how to motivate your employees without money? Here are a few ideas that are worth checking out.

1) There are other things equally, or more, important than money.

Perhaps the first thing you have to do is to instill the belief that money is not all that. Encourage charity among your people. After all, there are more important things in life at stake. A company that has solid values will get very far. Encourage values such as service, trust and hard work.

Those who show exemplary values should be rewarded. Not by money, because that will defeat the purpose, but by other things. Say a medal, trophy or certificate of achievement or recognition. These things don’t have to cost much, but they will be treasured by the recipient because they appeal to the employee’s ego.

2) Be one with them.

Another way on how to motivate your employees without money is by being an example of hard work and resilience. If you’re a supermarket manager, for example, you can always dedicate a few hours of your time making rounds and helping customers get what they want.

Don’t use your position to lord over your employees. That’s not going to motivate them to perform better. In fact, that will only drive them to do worse. Instead, show them that you’re not embarrassed to do what they’re doing. Instill a bit of pride in their work by not hesitating to help a customer out yourself.

3) Praise work well done.

When employees are praised, they generally feel better about themselves and about their situation. Don’t be afraid to tell your cashier that he or she is doing a good job. Don’t hold back when your employees show dedication to their work.

A lot of companies have weekly meetings so why don’t you use these meetings to acknowledge jobs that are well done? Believe me. Small words of encouragement go a long way.

If you want to know how to motivate your employees without money, you’re going to have to appeal to the other things that they hold dear. Make sure to emphasize positive values, promote cooperation, serve as a good example and acknowledge work that is well done. When you do this, employees will do everything in their power to perform better.