How to Make your Morning Commute Faster in the Winter

Everything slows down in the winter. Once the temperatures begin to drop and the snow begins to fall everything seems to come to a standstill. Animals are in hibernation and people don’t leave the house as often. But when they do, they certainly drive slower. Winter weather can make driving very perilous, especially in places that are prone to inclement weather. If you are someone that lives in a place that is prone to inclement weather then your morning commute is likely elongated during the winter. While all driving is relatively hampered during the winter, morning commutes – to work for example – are even more hindered because that is the time of the day when most people are on the road. But there are factors that can affect your morning commute before you even reach any major roads. Icy or snowy driveways can sideline your commute before you even get out on the road. And a car covered in snow or ice can take several minutes to clear off before it is roadworthy. Morning commuters cannot control the weather or traffic. But they can prepare their car in the morning so that they can get on the road faster. Read on to find out a few ways to make sure that your car is ready to hit the road in the morning, saving you time on your morning commute:

Salt/Shovel your Driveway at Night
Sometimes heavy winter storms can hit unexpectedly overnight. In those cases it can be hard to prepare yourself for the morning commute. But in most cases people are able to track the weather and be prepared for any snow or ice that may be on the ground the next morning. In most cases during the winter, though, major roads will be cleared of any snow or ice. That means the hardest part of your commute can be simply getting out of your driveway in a safe manner. Snow and ice can make it hard for your tires to grip the road, meaning your car could glide into oncoming traffic. By preparing your driveway overnight, you can ensure that you can have a safe and quick start to your commute.

The best way to prepare for your morning commute is to either shovel or salt your driveway the night of a winter storm. If the storm brings icy conditions then it is best to salt your driveway. Rock salt works to dissolve the ice that forms on your driveway, dissolving small patches in minutes and larger chunks overnight. By putting salt down before a storm you can eliminate a lot of the ice that will form on your driveway. Shoveling your driveway the night of a storm can also help you get on the road quicker for your morning commute. If a storm is coming that calls for a lot of snow it is best to shovel some of the snow during the night to ensure that not too much will collect on your driveway, helping you get on the road quicker in the morning.

Spray Your Windows with Vinegar at Night
Sometimes scraping ice and snow off of your car in the morning can add a lot of time to your morning commute. Making sure that you can see out of all of your car’s windows is essential to safe driving, but can prove to be difficult in the morning. This daily practice can add a lot of time to your morning commute.

Fortunately, according to, there is a simple way to keep snow, ice or frost off of your car windows. By creating a solution that is three parts vinegar and one part water, and spraying it on your car’s windows, you can keep frost, ice or snow from collecting on your windows, making a faster commute in the morning.

Morning commutes during the winter can be slow events. But by preparing yourself and your vehicle the night before, you can save some time during your winter commutes.