How To Make Your Body A Fat Loss Machine

So spring time is here, and many of you out there are starting to think about fat loss and how to beat the battle of the bulge. Well, there are many types of Fat loss supplements and Fat loss diets out there. However, I want to explain to you about how to get your body geared to be a fat loss machine.

Remember there is a big difference between weight loss and fat loss. Often times individuals will go on a calorie restrictive diet and lose weight very quickly and tell you that they lost 10 lbs in only two weeks. Let’s just see how long they can keep that off. Fact is there is a big difference between rapid weight loss vs. rapid fat loss. I would say that you should strive for no more than 2-3 lbs per week of fat loss to have it safe and effective. Any more than that amount you will be setting yourself up for disaster and will lose muscle as well. This will in turn slow the metabolic rate, slowing down the number of calories you burn at rest and in the long haul won’t give you the results you are looking for.

Let me outline a few things you can do to get your body Fat down and make you look and feel better than ever this spring.

First, you should be performing fat loss workouts that involve strength training and cardiovascular training. I would say you should be performing exercises that stress you entire body and you should be doing a combination of low repetition between 4-8 reps, and high repetitions between 20-25. One will give you muscle density and tone, and the other will stimulate a powerful hormone called growth hormone that will stimulate fat loss naturally.

Second, make sure your doing cardiovascular work in the form of cross-training with varying intensities to aid in your body fat loss. I would recommend you do at least 30 minutes and get to the point of breathing very heavy to make sure you hit fat stores. By varying intensities you use up more fuel, like gas to a car and with changing types of exercise you work the cardiovascular system differently and you won’t get bored. Three to Four times per week for maintenance five to six days a week for more rapid fat loss.

And lastly, your nutrition needs to be conducive to get that body fat down. I don’t believe in fat loss diets, just wholesome eating from foods that are found in their natural state as possible. That means good complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, fresh vegetables and healthy fats. Eating 5 times per day will truly accelerate the process. You do that, and you won’t be looking for the next fat loss supplement. This will in turn keep your blood sugar levels balanced and keeping you feel full and energetic throughout the day.