How to Make Your Auto Dealership’s Landing Pages Effective?

A webpage is considered to be unsuccessful until it has high conversion rates. Landing page is a specific page designed for this purpose. Auto dealers can increase their online sales by creating effective landing pages. Creating effective landing pages for all car models and services offered by the dealership is crucial in converting the traffic into sales.

This article details you on how to design effective landing page for your auto dealership.

Searched automotive term should be in the headline: The landing page headline should always match with the searched automotive term. This enables you to rank well in search rankings too. A customer clicks on a search result or an ad when he finds that the ad text is relevant to his search query. The promised content of the search result/ad on the landing page will reinforce relevancy and thus the customer feels that he is at the right place.

Highlight the special sales offer: Focusing your landing page around a single attractive offer will increase the conversions. Since a good offer from your dealership will motivate your customer to act like signing up, purchasing or giving their details for future contact, etc. you can place offers like free demo of vehicles, discounts, free servicing of autos for limited period, etc.

Limit the information to the specified vehicle: Remember that landing page is not a home page. On seeing a landing page the customer expects specific message regarding the vehicle. Use the keywords, phrases and topics which directly relate to the vehicle. Give precise but important information regarding the vehicle. Also, make sure that your page looks professional by inserting your company’s logo and various certifications instead of stuffing irrelevant information.

Limit graphics and navigation: Don’t distract your customers by providing unnecessary graphics of your models. Limit the navigation too. If the customer goes on clicking the hyperlinks provided on your page, he will possibly forget the purpose and you may lose your conversion. Avoid any kind of menus, links back to home page and other kind of extra links. Just put the form and provide a submit button. This will also help in easy loading of your landing pages.

Publish all the details and images above the fold: Make sure that all the important information is above the virtual fold of the page. If a customer has to scroll down the page continuously, he will preferably move out of the page without being converted. Therefore, insert all your images, details and videos of the auto models above the fold. Minimize the details of the vehicles and present it in the form of bullets, so that, the moment customer reads the first three words of your bullets he gets the gist of every point. This ease of going through the landing page has higher potential in increasing the conversion rates.

Ask only for required information from the customers: Don’t irritate the customers by asking irrelevant or unnecessary information, or else you will lose them. Value their time and patience. Hence, optimize the fields. If your ad supports sale of car, then ask for the customer’s email address, required specifications, etc. Don’t ask more of his personal details like name, postal address and so on which are of no use.

Express gratitude: After the customer fills in the required fields, thank him. Send an email for confirming the deal. Also make sure that you regularly follow-up the customer through his email. This way the customer will be confident about your dealership which will help in converting the leads to sales. Further, you can also promote your next sale or service offers by providing the links while sending follow-up messages.

Test various elements: Test various elements with a group of customers after creating your landing page. Test for the headline, if it is capable of creating any kind of relevance. Also check other features such as keywords, offers, captions, number of fields, images of vehicles, graphics if they are really capable of promoting your vehicles. Design some other unique landing pages and send them to the customersÂ’ mails and see if they are successful. Also remember, it is good to test but not to over test.

The main purpose of a landing page is to fulfill your goal of converting the visitors to leads. So make sure that your landing page is efficient enough to reach the targeted audience, make the visitors stay on the page, encourage them to provide their details and close the deal.