How To Make The World’s Best All Around Steroid… 2.5 Times Stronger!

Dear Fellow Iron Warrior,

You’re about to get turned on to some inside information so “inside” only a handful of people in the world know about it!

But soon, all of the world will know a way to make what’s considered the world’s best all around steroid, Oxandrolone (Anavar), work over twice as good!

This is a very cool thing indeed because of all the steroids on earth, only two, Oxandrolone and Primobolan do not shut down your nuts!

So if you can make this admittingly mild, yet extremely effective anabolic over twice as strong you could mimic the “total steroid effect” of harsher, but more potent compounds like Anadrol 50, Dianabol, and Nandrolone.

No Kidding, Keep Reading!

First, let’s take a trip to the classroom and learn a little more about the famous Oxandrolone and you’ll soon understand why it’s considered the best all around steroid ever invented!

Introduced by Searle in 1962, Oxandrolone (17 – Hydroxy – 17 – methyl – 2- oxa – 5 – androstan – 3 – one) is a very low androgen, yet extremely anabolic substance. And in doses of around 30mg a day it should not disrupt hormonal functions or cause elevation of liver enzymes, which if accelerated too much, will wear out the liver, or damage it!

But, at this low dose of just one steroid, you’re not going to “freak” anybody out with your size!

Don’t get me wrong, 30mgs of “Ox” could make someone look damn good with plenty of nitrogen retention and good hardness. However, most guys stack it with Deca for greatly “amplified” effects!

And it’s the Deca that will eventually get you into trouble. That’s because a lot of guys believe Deca makes you look so good, they simply do not want to go off it! So they stay on it, and it significantly blunts the hypothalamic / pituitary / testicular axis.

So if you were to take a prescription anabolic, Oxandrolone, for a real steroid effect and then stack it with something that will amplify its effects but without damaging this important hormonal faucet, your gains would go through the roof. And in a second you’ll learn about a new legal anabolic agent designed to do this, just like Deca, maybe even better.

But first, you need to know why Oxandrolone is so anabolic even though it is the weakest steroid, from an androgenic stand point (that’s why it’s the safest) out of all the known anabolic steroids. And once you know this, you’ll clearly see how these new anabolic agents will stack with Oxandrolone in order to mimic midrange Nandrolone doses without hormonal manipulation, or side-effects!

OK, so how does Oxandrolone induce such dramatic effects considering it’s basically a non-hormonal steroid? Let’s begin by discussing something you should be familiar with, creatine monohydrate…

Creatine monohydrate as you may know, is converted by the liver to creatine phosphate, which is the most potent form of creatine.

And this is what Oxandrolone is most famous for… dramatically increasing creatine phosphate synthesis. And man, does it ever! Despite its legal and financial drawbacks, even taking just 20-30 mg of Oxandrolone is like injecting yourself with 50 grams of pure creatine… guys just keep training and training because now their ATP levels are jacked to the limit!

Remember, ATP stands for “adenosine triphosphate”… so when you increase creatine phosphate you also increase your ATP levels which is the real “root cause” of all muscular contraction and growth!

OK, now let’s get a little bit more complex scientifically and look deep inside a muscle fiber to understand what actual mechanisms make it contract and grow!

The most significant term to understand is what’s called the “Actomyosin Complex”. Actin and Myosin are microscopically thin protein filaments that “slide back and forth” which is the ultimate cause of what makes your biceps contract when you do a curl!

Now listen to this direct quote from the text book, Biochemistry by D. Voet and J.G. Voet…

Actin and Myosin are a large family of motor proteins that move along these filaments. This “contractible movement” is completely dependent on ATP.”

So you see, without lots of Creatine Phosphate and thus ATP, you couldn’t even curl your little finger!

Now let’s take it one step further. Actin and myosin are formed into what are called sarcomeres which are basically embryonic muscle cells, the absolute first rung of a “dozen stepped” ladder of muscle growth that eventually adds inches of new flesh to your body.

Now, let’s recap…

Oxandrolone increases creatine phosphate which increases ATP which increases Actin-myosin formation! And this all equals a recipe for… messing around with your genetics!

However, even anabolic steroids have limitations, and Oxandrolone can only synthesize so much ATP. So what could you do to make Oxandrolone work even better?

Well, you can do what some guys have done and that’s stack Oxandrolone with injectable ATP compounds like Enerselen and Tridenosen. However, injectable Tridenosen and Enerselen are very hard to get and illegal. The good news is, oral TridenosenH™ is safe, legal, powerful and readily available.

Oral TridenosenH™ is gaining popularity because it was designed to offer the athlete massive “ATP pools” to replenish lost ATP and speed the formation of the new motor proteins!

Additionally, TridenosenH™ excites testosterone receptors so if you can’t find any Oxandrolone you can try small doses of D-Bol or Test. And because these ATP compounds are so potent at exciting androgen receptors, doses as low as 10mg of D-Bol a day or 100mg of Test a week are blowing guys up.

Now here’s the third addition to your stack!

Hey, why not take synthetic creatine to augment the natural creatine phosphate synthesis you’re getting from the Oxandrolone! This way you would have both “faucets” running so to speak.

Now that’s one hell of a stack! Oxandrolone, oral TridenosenH™ and some form of good Creatine. Good Lord, you’ll never leave the gym!

Remember, TridenosenH™ is a very potent anabolic agent on its own by design, and so is creatine!

Holy Christ, can you imagine the pumps you’ll get? And, most importantly, because you’ll now be blasting tons of ATP into your system you will start the function of new genetic material… every bodybuilder’s true dream in life!