How to Make the User Read Your Page

This is what a professional copywriter should think about. Everything seems to be alright: the design is surprisingly attractive, page organization is great, the content is informative and nicely written, but time passes and no customers leave their trace at the website destined to be the main source of information about your company. The point is not only in site building, but in its arranging and promoting. Some experienced copywriters that follow up with all the tendencies of online marketing already are familiar with little cunning that makes content attractive, but some still rely on a happy coincidence. Here are some basic tips for a successful start:

An average reader is not likely to scroll down a long page to find a single paragraph of necessary information; what he is going to do is just leave without even remembering where he had been looking. Therefore be as objective as it is possible and reconsider the volume of a page, making it two three paragraphs long but informative. Use graphic schemes to attract attention to the main point and develop the idea in separate paragraphs with topic sentences outstanding from the general text. If a page is too long, visitors will not read every word till they get to the point they are interested in. This is supported by statistics that shows that an average user consumes 25% less information reading from the web site than from any printed source. Therefore build your site considering the most popular keywords and phrases users look for. Divide information into separate paragraphs, each presented by a headline that gives an idea what the paragraph is about. Don’t make them too expanded or too promising or too exaggerating. Let them be direct reflectors of what you are going to say.

It will be much easier to give all necessary information dividing it into several pages linked together. This way visitor will not have to look for what he wants for hours. The text might not be very long, but at the same time informative. Adding graphical moments makes it easier to get the general idea of an article. There is the only inconvenience: separate pages make the download slower than it should be and make the print out harder. Make sure to divide your text into logical sections called paragraphs each devoted to the separate topic sentence and develop the idea freely. Don’t get discoursed by fancy language and long statements, they are destined to furnish but when the core information is not seen among meaningless phrases your task is to pull it out and make it outstanding from the content. And finally, all these advice is just a start to a grand project called marketing strategy that nobody is going to give you a hint about. Develop your own way, strategies, techniques to turn visitors into customers. Don’t be afraid to express your own ideas and apply your own projects and success will come to you.