How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You In 3 Simple Stages

There is no love potion or love spell guaranteed to give you true love or happy endings. However, there is something that comes quite close to it; and that is this article. This article will teach you how to make someone fall in love with you. There are no tricks here – just an honest to goodness guide to people and relationships.

Even if you don’t have your eye on anybody specific right now, knowing how to make someone fall in love with you is important. It gives you a sense of empowerment and a boost in self-confidence that will reflect positively on your personal and professional life.

1) Know what makes that person tick.

Everybody has an idea of the perfect partner. You probably have your own list as well. Tall, handsome, dark-skinned, beautiful… The requirements are different for everybody. If you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you, you must first find out what is in that person’s list.

Does he or she want someone who is into sports? Or someone who knows a lot about music? Is that person more attracted to blondes or brunettes?

Once you figure out what makes that special someone tick, try to become that person. If need be, dye your hair black (for shock value and just as long as it looks good on you) or sign up for those boat rafting activities (only as long as you know how to swim). Congratulations! You have just completed stage one of your plan.

2) Appeal to that person’s subconscious.

Once you have caught that person’s attention. It is now time to move on to stage two. Make sure their subconscious is aware of you at all times. You know how powerful and how suggestive the subconscious mind can be.

To take advantage of that fact, you need to always be hovering over their line of sight. That person has to have a glimpse of you everyday.

The beauty of this trick is that you don’t even have to strike up a conversation. You can just walk past the person you like or walk where you know they will see you. Once that person’s subconscious gets used to seeing you, you can bet they will be affected when you suddenly do not show up or do not make yourself visible for a day.

3) Go head to head with that person’s conscious.

The final stage on how to make someone fall in love with you involves actually making contact with the person in question. There are a lot of easy ways to do this.

A smile is probably the best option. The next time you walk past their office and they look up at you, smile. Show off your pearly whites.

But don’t stop and smile too long. Go on as if nothing has happened. Continue your duties or whatever it is you are supposed to be doing. It won’t be long before that person comes up to you and strikes up a conversation with you.

Now that you know how to make someone fall in love with you, I trust that you’ll use it in the most honorable way possible. Love helps bring out the best in people. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to look at yourself in a whole new light.