How To Make Money With The Trump Network

What is The Trump Network?

The Trump Network is a MLM business opportunity that was named, and launched by the world famous Donald Trump in early 2009. They market a specialized brand of personal nutrition, an idea similar to Genewize and other personalized skin care and nutrition companies. The difference with the Trump Network is that their products are based off of a new science called ‘metabolic typing’ instead of genetic research like Genewize.

The Trump Network has a lucrative MLM compensation plan that pays based off of personal and team productivity, and it is the hope of many distributors within the organization that the combination of Metabolic Typing technology and the ‘Trump’ name will make for one of the most profitable Multi Level Marketing companies in history.

Just because The Trump Network is a great opportunity doesn’t mean you’re going to make any money, however. In fact, the sad statistic in Network Marketing is that 97% of all distributors who set out with the intentions of making a fortune won’t even make enough money to cover the cost of their monthly autoship. (Regardless of how cool Donald Trump is).

So what will it take to make money with The Trump Network? I wanted to break it down into a few simple steps, to make sure that you understand:

1. Learn how to generate leads online through any number of modern day lead generation tactics. DO NOT buy generic leads, especially if you’ve never done MLM before. You’ll die broke by buying leads – learn to generate your own. There are a number of great lead generation system out there – I would recommend following the link in the resource box to find out more.

2. Learn how to set up an automated follow up process through an autoresponder service like Aweber. That way, the prospects that you generate for The Trump Network who don’t join immediately can be continuously contacted over a period of several months. Many of these prospects will join you six months, even a year later if you just keep in touch! (97% of the distributors in The Trump Network DO NOT do this).

3. Stick to traditional recruiting methods once you’ve generated your leads. Look, I know there are a million morons on the internet saying that you never even have to talk to a single prospect and that you can get rich hiding behind your computer. They’re all broke liars. Call your prospects up and build a relationship. When they are extremely interested, get them on a 3 way call. I generate more than 100 leads a day online, and STILL the BEST way to connect a prospect to my organization is to get them on a 3 way call with one of my successful downline or upline.

4. Learn to market affiliate products that are useful to your list. One of the best ways to get into profit quickly in Network Marketing is learning how to market various products and services that are of interest to your list. Regularly, I earn $500-$1000 extra each week just from finding a great service that helps people in MLM earn income, and I promote it to my list. I’ve even made more than $5,000 in a single week (extra) just by doing this. You can then take that money and funnel it back into generating more leads and growing The Trump Network.

5. Stay consistent. Look – there are a lot of people who will read this article and then they’ll go out and generate 10 leads, sponsor a distributor, sell an affiliate product, and then they’ll be out the next week joining a new company and quitting something else. Stick with one thing and it will pay off long term, and when you find something that works – keep doing it.

For example, I usually market my business by writing articles, because I prefer the kind of traffic I get through articles over Pay Per Click advertising. So every day, I write at least one article. I barely ever miss a day, and over time, that has created an amount of traffic that is completely ridiculous to someone just starting. Sometimes I get more than 2000 visitors a day to my websites just from articles. However, that wouldn’t work if I wasn’t consistent.

If you want more tips on The Trump Network, visit the links in my author resource box below, I wrote a killer review that you’ve got to read, especially if you haven’t joined the Trump Network yet.