How To Make Money Selling Yourself In Network Marketing

So you’ve joined a MLM company, attended a corporate convention, hassled your relatives and attacked a few random strangers – all to no avail. So what’s the secret? How is it that another one armed one legged man crossed the stage at your company convention – yet you’re still living life broke? Haven’t you committed 100%? How come the gurus haven’t solved all of your problems?

Three Ways of Thinking…

The first thing to clear up is what you’re selling – after all, it’s hard to sell something if you don’t understand what it is, no?

There are 3 products that you can choose to sell in your MLM company – all with different results.

The first product that you can market in your MLM is your actual company product. Most Network Marketers do nothing in their business but promote their new ‘MAGIC LOTION’ to everyone they meet. Now I don’t want you to misunderstand – I like magic lotion as much as the next guy. You could replace the term ‘magic lotion’ with any of the other myriad of products that are sold in the MLM profession.

The sad thing about trying to build your business by ‘selling’ your product is that it is one of the hardest ways in the world to make a living. Now I know that you met a lady named Kathy who know a distributor named Frank and Frank had a neice who got rich wearing a button that said ‘lose weight now, ask me how’ – but has it produced success for you?

The second way of making MLM Sales is promoting your opportunity as the vehicle to riches. As the famous Bill Britt says in Amway ‘sell the dream’. The hardest thing to do in the whole world (although it does work, for that one guy we both heard about once) is to gather your friends into your home, pull out a white board, and convince them all they’re going to get rich by joining you in your business.

It would be easier to send a manned mission to Mars… (Kidding) – I’m not saying this as someone who’s never done it – I built a massive organization doing nothing but home parties when I believed it was the way to go. Just being honest, though, it was a huge pain, and I hated it.

I had to give up church, friends, social gatherings, movie nights, you name it – all for the sake of ‘the dream’… I couldn’t even go on dates.

(I guess I never did much of that…)

Yeah, I made a lot of money doing it – so what? I could make a lot of money working all day and night as a MD, too – and you know what? I would rather be poor and spend my nights with my wife.

So if you take away the products, and you take away the opportunity – what is there left to sell?

(Are you ready?)


Now we both know that the big wigs do that – but up till this point – what’s been stopping you? Is it because your friends and your family know your busted?

Would you be so suprised, after all, to learn that you are in fact what so many people are looking for as a solution to their problems in life? And that there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people who are just WAITING for you to stand up and be a leader?

Would it flip your world so upside down if you stopped listening to tapes, books, and CDs – and instead started making and promoting your own?

Would it cause such a rift in your world view to learn that you can just let go of all of the training, courses, and books you’ve read, listened to, and attended over the years – and just be YOU?

When all is said and done – there is only one thing that you have to master to be a master of this profession – and that is…

…To Master Your Self.