How to Make Happy Married Life

A happy married life is a bliss. To ensure a happy married life, both husband and wife must develop a spirit of sacrifice in their mutual relations from the very beginning. Must also be they ready to share the sorrows and joys of the other. If there is a genuine sympathy and understanding between husband and wife, life will really be very pleasant and enjoyable, notwithstanding some sorrows and difficulties.

Both the husband and wife should develop the quality of endurance, and practice tolerance towards each other. Neither should speak out harshly and bluntly, nor they should criticize sharply the faults, blemishes or shortcomings of the other. On the other hand, spirit of accommodation should prevail in the household and make all the inmates happy.

Misunderstandings do sometimes arise between a husband and a wife but such situations should be handled tactfully, and with tolerance and forbearance. Such tolerance can come only from a determination of not disagreeing or misunderstanding.

Many times husband or wife lose temper or get angry on trifle matters. Such situations should be tacked calmly and admit your mistakes gracefully. This would tend to strengthen the mutual bond of love and understanding between husband and wife would become a happy journey.

Dale Carnegie, in his famous book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, prescribes the following seven rules for husband and wife to make life happier:
1. Don’t nag or find faults.
2. Don’t try to make your partner over. (Success in marriage is more
important, than a matter of being the right person).
3. Don’t criticize.
4. Give honest appreciation.
5. Pay little attention.
6. Be courteous.
7. Read a good book on the sexual side of the marriage.

The above rules are, in fact, the foundation of a mutual understanding and good behavior, and should be practiced with immaculate care and attention by both husband and wife.