How To Make A living Online With Affiliate Marketing

Finally a super Affiliate reveals all, he shows you exactly how he is making a killing online. He does it all with Affiliate Marketing and now he shows you how to do it.

With everything covered in this amazing Ebook, you are assured to do well with the bible of Affiliate Marketing. This guy knows his stuff and is now showing ordinary people like you and I how to do it.

1. If you want to try Affiliate Marketing but don’t know where to start, then you have come to the right place, you’re in for a treat.

2. There are things you must know to succeed, first of all you will need to now where to find the best products to sell. There are some popular places where all affiliates go, and you too must go there. If you know what others are doing you’ll be miles in front.

3. An integral part of affiliate marketing is capturing customers email and name, this is done by what’s called a ‘squeeze page or lead capture page’. Now, you’ll have to know how to make these or find them. However, if you know where to go it will all be supplied for you. Read on.

4. Another important tool for the affiliate is the auto responder, a sort of email software on the net that sends out emails at given intervals. There are some popular ones and even free ones, you need to choose a good reliable one to make sure of continuity of delivery.

5. Offer a FREE product to get them to sign up for your news letter, this way they feel like their getting something of value. You should offer something good, people don’t want junk. Help them, people love help, it will gain you credibility. This is very important, for people to trust you.

6. Follow up with them, keep sending them good content from your auto responder, stagger the time you email goes out, like every 2 days, then 3 and maybe 4 days. Let them know of something you’ve found that could help them.

7. It’s all well and good to do all this work, but now to have to get traffic to your site, so where do you go to get it. There are some very clever strategies now that can get you on Google very quickly, and other search engines. It takes a bit of work but when you know how it’s child’s play. Read on to find out more…

8. Another great way to get people to your site is using joint ventures, these are other business people with a big list. You offer them a piece of the pie or something else of benefit.

9. When looking for your affiliate product, look for one’s offering say, ‘75%’ this is good as it gives you a good income. Look for one’s on the front page of Clickbank as they are the most popular.

10. As soon as your campaign is doing good and making a profit, you should start the next one. Find another hot niche and ‘whamo’ you’re off again. The more profitable one’s you have the more money you’ll make.

If you want to succeed at affiliate marketing, you must know the steps to follow. With a good program, you’ll soon learn how the top affiliates are making a killing. Check out the link below in my resource box.

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