How to Maintain Good Relation With Your Live-In Nanny?

As we all know, an in-home child care provides a loving and nurturing environment to infants and children. Hence, many parents prefer to hire a live-in nanny to receive the best child care services. Once you hire a nanny for your child, as an employer, it is your responsibility to maintain a good relationship with her to get the best childcare; otherwise, many undesirable and worrisome issues arise. How do you maintain a positive relationship with your live-in nanny? It is simple. Follow the guidelines given hereunder.

Be respectful
Any relationship can be successful for a long time if both the parties are respectful to each other. Remember that you hired a nanny to look after your child. She too is a professional and has her own responsibilities and duties related to the child care. Be respectful when you wish to give suggestions regarding her job. Avoid giving additional work which is not included in the nanny’s contract. Also respect her privacy time. Though she stays in your home, do not try to ask for last-minute babysitting on a regular basis.

Offer fair wages at the right time
As your live-in nanny stays with you, she is the next important person after you in the child’s life. Therefore, do not neglect the importance of her role. Pay fair wages at the right time. Check the details of salary, room and board, and other taxes and discuss with the nanny regularly. Provide incremental increases in the salary after the annual performance reviews. If you wish her to work for longer hours, then be fair and provide compensation accordingly. Also offer standard benefits such as paid vacation days and sick days.

Maintain effective communication
The other important factor for maintaining a positive relationship with the live-in nanny is communication. An effective and comfortable communication should exist between you and the nanny. It is good to have a conversation with your nanny at the end of the day to know how the child and the nanny spent the day.

Schedule a specific time to discuss or share any events or concerns. Ensure that she feels free to talk to you when you have an open communication with her. Maintain polite communication when you have any issues with your child or your nanny. Avoid using disrespectful language which sours the relationship.

Welcome suggestions from her
Be open to suggestions from the nanny. This is an important component of your relationship that you should possess. As she is a professional in childcare, she can provide an accurate and reliable solution for any problem related to your child. Follow her suggestions to let her know how important she is to your household.

Appreciate good work with gifts and bonus
Positive reinforcement, support and praise strengthen your relationship with your nanny. Show your appreciation to the live-in nanny with occasional gifts and bonus for her good work. This shows how much you value her and her job. Praise for the appropriate and helpful work she does. If possible, offer movie tickets, gift certificates and other small gifts to show you care.

These are some of the simple tips to maintain a good relation with live-in nanny. Though they are simple and familiar, don’t ignore them. Be careful in maintaining a good relationship with your live-in nanny as it is an important basis for the ultimate childcare.