How to Maintain a Houseboat

Maintaining a Houseboat

Keeping any structure in good working order takes some time and effort. This is also true for a houseboat. Since your houseboat is in water most of the year, normal wear and tear or breakage can become a serious problem for you and your crew. There are many parts to a houseboat that need to be cleaned, oiled, and greased in order for it run properly. For those small parts, it is best to have it looked at by a trained professional. Here are some things you as an owner without much technical knowledge can do for your boat.

At the end of the season be sure to clean extensively. Use a mild disinfectant to clean out the cupboards, cabinets, and other areas where dirt and food particles could be trapped. Take out all your clothes, blankets, bed sheets and wash them thoroughly as well. If you live in a warm climate where your houseboat is used year round, then make sure you clean the whole interior at least once a year. Since it is warm most of the year, you have to worry about insects getting into your houseboat. Keeping everything clean inside will allow you to see the first warning signs of an infestation. Be sure to keep an eye out in case this would happen to your boat.

Living in a colder climate puts more strain on the houseboat especially when it dips below freezing. All though you will not have to worry so much about insect infestations, there are other minor problems that can creep up. At the end of the boating season, you should always have your houseboat winterized. There are many tasks in order to complete this and it also takes some technical knowledge of your houseboat. It is usually better to have a professional do this step for you. Spending some money on your houseboat now will save you money in the future. Here is a task you could perform on your houseboat. Check all windows and doors to make sure they are not leaking, which could cause damage inside of the houseboat. They should be closing and shutting properly to keep weather from coming into your houseboat. If you do not use your houseboat at all during the winter, then performing the task of winterizing is extremely important. Check to see what local specialists do this for houseboats in your area.

Well you have escaped “bricks and mortar”, but unfortunately there is still some work required in order to keep a nice maintained houseboat. Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge these few steps can help you to keep the interior of your houseboat shining.